Sunday, December 17, 2017

#1939: Kevin Martin

The bizarre Internet phenomenon Kevin Douglas Martin is a self-proclaimed “senior meteorologistand founder of several weather and weather forecasting websites, including,,, and, ane a long history of releasing “weather alerts” warnings about impending tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes (his track record is abysmal). Martin has no formal qualifications or education in meteorology or any science related to weather. Instead, he claims that he was born with “gifts” that effectively allows him to pull his weather forecasts out of his own ass and an “ability to understand it without studying it”.

In his calculations Martin primarily relies on the workings of HAARP “or HAARP-like projects”, which are responsible for “abnormal” weather patterns and natural disasters such as Hurrican Sandy, and chemtrails. You will find weather radar images that ostensibly track and forecast HAARP activity and chemtrails on his websites. Martin’s HAARP status alert service, based on his project, consists mostly of relabeling available weather map graphics to show alleged “current frequency readings” of HAARP transmissions. Apparently “[v]olunteers have added 22 sensors at their residences, in unknown locations. These sensors measure the effects and changes of the ionosphere that HAARP tampers with and a magnitude system that goes with the sensor readings triangulates the center of the frequency above the country.” How you triangulate anything from sensors located on unknown locations is anybody’s guess. His “Chemtrail Forecast System” is more economical in its explanation of its use of data: “DO NOT ASK: We keep out algorithms to the project. We provide the image and reserve the right to not publicly disclose our ‘core’ of the project.”

In 2007, The Ontario Weather Service (Martin is as founder and “Chief Meteorologist”) asserted that they (he) would “go into battle” against the National Weather Service, and marketed itself as “the only source in the world that can tell you when chemtrails will be put out. Spread the word. I am willing to put my reputation on the line to spread the word of chemtrails.” Not that Martin had much reputation to put on the line. He did gain some, however, with his website in 2009, after rushing to the defense of his “Lead Forecaster”, Ricky Lukacs, a teenager who was charged with (and admitted in juvenile court to) starting large wildfires in the Yucaipa area. The website, meanwhile, bolstered its forecasts with UFO stories, including a hoaxed video (Martin ultimately claimed to have seen the UFO but was told to keep his mouth shut by powers that be). His 2014 tornado alert for Weather Alert also received some attention.

Martin is also a global warming denialist (“Global warming is just another scam for the government to think they can control you”).

Martin’s earthquake, hurricane and tornado warnings are alleged to be “official” warnings, apparently in violation of U.S. Code 18 § 2074. Fortunately, as he told the KGTV tv station, he “won’t ever be arrested” because “I do my threats in a way where it screws with their mind mentally.” Among his targets are apparently TV meteorologists, storm chasers, Google, NOAA and NWS (which he also served a frivolous lawsuit). In 2015, Martin became the target of a federal investigation.

Together with his brother Brian, Martin has also been involved in an ingenious get-rich-quick scheme. You can assess its merits yourself here.

Diagnosis: Aggressive, loud and completely lunatic, Martin’s antics don’t quite even hit the level of “pseudoscience”. He manages to draw some attention to himself, on occasion, mostly due to his personality and general level of crazy, but is hopefully harmless.

Hat-tip: Rationalwiki

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