Thursday, June 10, 2010

#32: Christopher Bollyn

A.k.a. "The Truth Seeker"

As 9/11-troofers go, Christopher Bollyn is in at the deep end. A self-proclaimed “independent American investigative journalist”, Bollyn is for the most part a contributor to the despicable cesspool of lunacy, but many interesting articles can be found on his webpage. Among the gems are articles with enticing titles such as “The Israeli Role in the Plundering of Iceland”, “How Ehud Barak Pulled Off 9-11”, “The Goldman Scam & John Paulson's Links to 9-11”, “The Gang of Czech Jews around the Collapses of 9-11” and “The Jewish Secret Society That Controls the U.S. Media” (I cannot be bothered to check out his explanation of why the US is involved in Afghanistan, but it is surely rewarding).

I guess the reader gets the idea. 9-11 was the product of a Zionist conspiracy (in particular organized by the Rothschild family) – the Zionist conspiracy that controls the US government and media. They have also infiltrated the Senate, as shown by Bollyn’s razor-sharp and fearless investigations, e.g. “Arlen Specter - The Elder of Zion in the U.S. Senate”. Henry Kissinger is at the top of the conspiracy, and “still a key player in the crimocracy as seen by the conspicuous fact that he was sent by the new Obama administration to meet with the leadership of Russia, although the nominal Secretary of State was Hillary Clinton.” I guess you can’t argue with evidence like that.

A tidbit: “Christopher J. Petherick, a self-avowed Satanist, was the editor of American Free Press and the former Spotlight, publications of the Liberty Lobby of Washington, D.C. It makes no sense that a Satanist would be the chief editor of a newspaper that is purportedly written for patriotic Christian Americans, unless one understands that the Liberty Lobby is actually owned and controlled by a Zionist Jew named Mark Lane. The paper is a controlled opposition outlet that acts like flypaper to create a list of active patriots -- for the Jewish intelligence organization Lane works for.”

Who is Petherick? Well, he is the newspaper editor who fired Bollyn back in the day. Of course he must be a Zionist – why else would he try to shut up a honest and brave journalist like Bollyn? Apparently Petherick later organized an assault of Bollyn (using police officers who tasered him) to … shut him up? It's a little unclear. And apparently the incident is related to the real reason for the war in Afghanistan. So it goes.

Oh, and apparently the sinking of Estonia wasn’t an accident and there is depleted uranium everywhere. And Denmark is being set up by the American Zionist conspiracy to take the brunt of Muslim anger (cf. the Mohammed cartoons).

There is really no end to the conspiracies and paranoia here. For a “best of” selection, you can go here. Enjoy.

Diagnosis: Complete loon and master at interpreting the fact that anyone disagrees with him, for whatever reason, as evidence for the truth of his conspiracy theories. Specific impact uncertain, but his views are apparently relatively widespread and must be considered dangerous.


  1. Just when you think you've got a good grasp on the lunacy out there, someone like Bollyn crosses your path and reminds you that there's no bottom to the chasm of crazy.

    It's refreshing, actually... The creationists, vaccine-aphobes, and climate change deniers get so stale after a while, thanks!

  2. I agree completely; the troofers, and the FEMA and chemtrail and other sorts of nutty conspiracy theorists, those are the *really* fun loons.

  3. In the spirit of *really* fun loons, please help me figure out if this is an actual or parody site:

    All my hope is invested in it being real!

  4. Oh, wow. As far as I can tell it looks like the real deal. So awesome!

  5. Christopher is also the originator of an entry in <a href=">the JREF 9/11 truther</a>

    bollyn (v.) - The act of noticing a strange car outside your house, assuming it's FBI, calling the police, having the people in the car tell you're they're just undercover local cops, not believing them, threatening them, telling them you're going into the house to get a weapon, getting arrested, losing your job, and then blaming it all on the Jews. Usage Note: Because of the low likelihood of anyone actually being stupid enough to do all these things, the word may be used in a looser sense to describe any attempt to blame a personal misfortune on some shadowy world-domination entity, when it was really your own stupid fault. "Example: All the 9/11 Denier candidates for Congress lost, so they'll probably try to bollyn the results off on Diebold."

  6. That man now lives in Sweden in the same town as me. USA, please take him back to where he should be. =)

  7. We appreciate you taking him off of our hands - we've got more than our fair share of loons here as it is.

  8. You poor Sheeple. Open your minds. Do some research.

  9. So it's just a coincidence that Zionist Jews are to be found in every aspect of this horrific war crime. And it must also be a coincidence that this same 2% minority in America also owns, is the largest shareholder of, or is in complete executive control of the three largest media conglomerates, the largest domestic newspapers and international wires, almost all of the major book publishing houses, an overwhelming amount if banks including Goldman Sachs and the Federal Reserve, and last but certainly not least the largest lobby in Washington, AIPAC. No conspiracy there! And anyone who points out these FACTS should be written off as a psychologically defective anti Semite. Shame on people like you for confusing the issue and spreading disinformation on good people. God knows who is responsible and so do a lot of true patriots!

  10. Thank you Jesse Anderson. I came across this site by accident, and the content of these articles, and those who agree and comment, makes me sick to my core. More 9/11 facts - it is a fact that the two main beneficiaries of 9/11 - Larry Silverstein and Frank Lowy - are jewish. It is a fact that the judge preventing any 9/11 wrongful-death cases from going to court is jewish. How many more could I mention? Too many to take my time up with today. These people who contribute to sites like this, making a joke of these topics and showing utter disrespect and contempt for those whose family members died in 9/11 and who are actually trying to find answers, are dispicable filth. They will be glad to hear I will not be visiting this site again.

  11. The author exposed the game by describing Bollyn as dangerous.
    What danger does Bollyn threaten the author with?
    This is the weakness of the Jewish mindset.
    Eg, the Zundel prosecution was a disaster for the WW2
    extermination legend.