Wednesday, August 15, 2012

#348: Debbie Schlussel

Debbie Schlussel is another rightwing columnist and blogger. She has done some right stuff, in fact, such as looking into Sean Hannity’s “charity work”, but that doesn’t alter the overall assessment. Her main focus is targeting what she regards as negative elements of American Islamic society. That means, in general, typical wingnut populist idiocy and deliberate misinformation. See here - Schlussel responded to this one by calling Mediamatters “far left”. The idea that this counts as a response tells you a lot about what kind of approach Schlussel takes to reality. She also compared them to Nazis (in particular, for some arbitrary but predictable reason, George Soros). In 2010 she claimed that the new Miss USA, Rima Fakih, was a terrorist because she was of Lebanese descent. Her sources were apparently the voices in her head. In 2007 also complained that atheists targeted her for, uh, blatant racism; she argued that this was natural, however, since atheists are Muslim-lovers and most of them will, in a few years, be fanatic Islamists. She also blamed the Virginia Tech shootings on the Muslims, of course, so it comes as no surprise when she voices her shock and horror that Whole Foods actually sells food to Muslims. In a civilized society they would be indicted for supporting terrorism!

To take a few more examples: Schlussel has also claimed that it was OK for the Europeans to take the US from the Natives because, well, because the Natives were also immigrants some twenty thousand years ago, and she is adamant that “freedom of religion” does not mean or encompass “freedom from religion”. During the captivity of American journalist Jill Carroll, Schlussel claimed that Carroll hated Israel and America, implying that she sympathized with her captors and explicitly calling those who disagreed with her “blind worshippers of Jill Carroll”. In 2007, she asserted that WNBA player Anna DeForge is a bad role model because she is a lesbian, and in 2011 she stirred up some dissatisfaction by suggesting that CBS reporter Lara Logan deserved the sexual assault she suffered while covering the protests in Egypt. There is a pattern here.

Diagnosis: Described as “Ann Coulter without the charm”, Schlussel is a deranged dimwit and some may suspect truly mentally ill; she is still pretty dangerous, however.


  1. She really is mentally ill, and without all sorts of right-wing media nuts who provide media space for her, she would probably be a patient with a blog. Instead, she is public figure & commentator of political, social, cultural and public affairs, "high profile" conservative blogger and a lawyer.
    She should be constantly sued for libelling and as abettor of a hate-crimes when ever is possible !

  2. i've been reading Debbie's blog for almost a year now. Nothing that she writes makes any sense and she constantly omits facts about what she writes about and shows much insecurity about herself.

    Her fans who comment on her blog are just as bad as she is.

  3. You lack the courage to go after the leftists on this site. Perhaps a more appropriate title would be "I am really talking about anyone who does not think like I do."

    1. People qualify for entries through lack of critical thinking skills and anti-science attitudes. If you look through it you'll find plenty of left-leaning people. But yes, rightwingers are over-represented. That could either mean that lunacy is more frequent on the rightwing side of things, or it could mean that I am missing some real lunacy. If the latter is the case I would appreciate it if you came up with some candidates (and why they qualify as loons).