Wednesday, May 1, 2013

#531: Brian Brown

Brian S. Brown, best known for being the guy who actually wept when New York legalized same-sex marriage, is the president of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), succeeding Maggie Gallagher in 2010. He has actually said that he has many friends who are homosexual, and just as Catholic bishop Nicholas DiMarzio here, he has a tendency to try to convince himself that he is actually serving homosexual people’s best interests. Apparently NOM is supposed to be the anti-gay-marriage organization ”with a friendly face,” which is an admirably virtuous stance given how much they suffer as victims of the demonic requests for equality from and restrictions of their God-given rights to discriminate people by the vicious gay lobby. According to Brown, the gay lobby is eventrying to take away his rights to vote, but doesn’t provide any evidence for the claim. (He makes a similar claim here; here, on the other hand, he attempts to invoke a comparison with slavery, and here he tries to claim that a ban on gay marriage is motivated by a libertarian attitude).

NOM claims to be very popular, but has had some trouble with the ideas of truth and honesty in advertising – this one is pretty spectacular. Here’s Brown inadvertently saying something true, however. The alleged popularity of the group didn’t engender much success in the 2012 election, however, even though they promised to defeat Obama.

Brown and NOM have been (of course) involved in various campaign strategies to remove supreme court judges they don’t like, and they have initiated several boycott campaigns of companies that don’t succumb to bigotry (their boycott of Starbucks is discussed here).

When one of the leaders of NOM, Louis Marinelli, defected to the gay rights side Brown was none too pleased. He wasn’t too pleased with Dan Savage’s arguments either, and challenged Savage to a debate; the result is here (it's actually somewhat illuminating). Here is his reaction to the Proposition 8 ruling.

There is a useful Brian Brown resource here, and a NOM resource here.

Diagnosis: Brown is apparently a very sensitive person who overcompensates with unhinged hatred and lunacy. He’s pretty zealous and must be considered rather dangerous.


  1. It is certainly worth pointing out Brown's involvement in the draconian Russian anti-gay laws. Perhaps inspired by his success abroad Brown's rhetoric has, if possible, kicked it up yet another notch. Here, for instance, he wonders how many generations of children will be sacrificed to gay gods, and here he claims that gay marriage "deconstructs' the very nature of what it means to be a human being. And no, it makes no sense - largely because Brown doesn't know what "deconstructs" means, but on any possible interpretation of what he had in mind, the claim is utterly moronic.

  2. Brown was not happy with the recent marriage ruling in Utah. Nossir. And in his talk in Utah on the issue he went full Orwell, asserting that the fight against marriage equality is the real battle for civil rights: “We stand up for the civil rights for all when we stand up for the truth about marriage." Indeed, according to Brown, "gay activists" are reviving Jim Crow laws with their anti-Christian bigotry.

    And this is yet another example of Brown in his usual mood.