Thursday, June 6, 2013

#584: James Corbett

I have no idea what Michael E. Cook, a.k.a. Sheriff Mike, is up to these days (this screed, mentioned here, dates from 2000), but at least he used to be a member of APFN, American Patriots Friend Network, a stunningly insane group of Ron Paul supporters, conspiracy theorists, and militia guys, mostly filled with word salad, UFO sighting stories (and conspiracies), 9/11 conspiracies, pseudolaw, anti-environmentalism, and, well, every imaginable conspiracy, all framed in a beautifully TIME CUBE-like variety of fonts, colors, and random capitalization.

Given the uncertainty of his whereabouts, and the untimely death of Stefan Frederick Cook, one of Orly Taitz’s less than ideally hinged plaintiffs in one of her many birther lawsuits (Joe Kovacs and Chelsea Schilling thought Cook had a point, but then again Kovacs and Schilling write for the WND – Sean Hannity thought he had a point as well), this entry should have gone to the legendary conspiracy theorist William Cooper if he hadn’t passed away (as well) 10 years ago. I am confident that there exists conspiracy theories to the effect that he is still alive. Surely he was one of the models for James Corbett’s “The Corbett Report”, an “independent, listener-supported alternative news source” (podcasts, interviews, articles, videos) “about current events and suppressed history from an independent perspective” (i.e. batshit lunacy Corbett has made up). Corbett sure doesn’t get his news from “Rothschild Reuters”.

The main focus of Corbett’s report is “important issues from 9/11 Truth and false flag terror
to the Big Brother police state, eugenics, geopolitics, the central banking fraud and more.” He is even writing on a book Reportage: Essays on the New World Order. A refreshing detail about Corbett is that he is generally not  merely JAQ-ing off but firmly asserting some wonderfully insane, totally reality-independent claims. If you want an update on what is certainly not going on in Fukushima, you can read one of his many articles on the topic. Or did you know that the shooting of Osama bin Laden was a hoax? According to Corbett, there is consensus that bin Laden died years ago. He was not involved in 9/11 either, and the US government is in an intimate conspiracy with the bin Laden family (Obama himself ensured that many of the bin Laden family members were transported safely out of the US after 9/11 where they had been in various shady meetings with American government figures). See also this and this on 9/11 conspiracy bullshit.

Diagnosis: Fairly typical kook – his webdesign is better than most conspiracy maniacs’, his writing skills less so – and pretty ardent. Completely impervious to truth.


  1. Obama himself ensured that many of the bin Laden family members were transported safely out of the US after 9/11 where they had been in various shady meetings with American government figures

    Considering that Obama at the time was a rather obscure member of the Illinois state legislature and that the president was George W. Bush, that's a pretty good trick.

  2. Buddy, you're pretty fucking retarded for believing, like deaf, dumb and blind dupe, anything that CNN feeds you.

    Learn to think first. Then inform yourself. Let me ask you: are you an inbred? Were your parents retarded? Was your mom involved in that profession of disrepute and bore you after getting rammed by some retarded John? Seriously, you need to answer those questions to yourself.

    Who does this? I mean, who devotes a website like this trying to insult other people who are doing a valiant and courageous service to Truth. Even if some are wrong, try to debate them, and not engage in your douchebaggery. Okay? Stop being a douche; that's the bottom line.

    1. You brain damaged lying fools are funny like an amusingly shaped tumor of derp.

  3. The author of this article is an astro-turfer, probably a paid minion. J.Corbett documents every thing he says on his podcast, as did William Cooper. The author of this article has no "about". He's is a fool, even if he is a shill. This site seems to be at war with the United States, as it is obviously designed to "gas-lite" good Americans.

  4. Well, if you get rid of everything that's pure sarcasm without any argument, this article is actually a good publicity for the Corbett Report. One of the best and most complete independent medias to be found. And as stated in a previous comment, you can check every source he cites on his articles and videos.

  5. As with other commenters, the author of this blog is not too bright. I do agree, however, that the article was good publicity for Corbett. Hell, I might continue to visit The Encyclopedia of American Loons and think the opposite of whatever this guys says, if this article is any indication of how he thinks.

  6. Seems like you mention a lot of important topics and dismiss them without any research or understanding about the topics. Why? because they contradict the mainstream media's version of events, and the mainstream corporate media never tells a lie right? Why don't you use the sources that Corbett clearly lists in all his reports do some research so you don't sound like a fool.

  7. James is awesome, presents factually based material. The truth will set you free.

  8. Hahahahaha.....reading the comments - just a bunch of other loony conspiracy theorists defending one of their own. You guys are all alike.

  9. The author of this article has never seen a mainstream news story he didn't believe . He's a shill for the corrupt elements of the US government or a complete fool or both. Its heartening to read here all the comments that indicate what crap this article spews. I happen to be widely read and have researched many of the news events mentioned. I know that the MSM has lied for decades and that James Corbett is one of the most erudite and fair-minded researchers around. Not a chance this author has done any research of his own. Probably paid to advance this point of view. This is the level of deceit Americans are facing. Pathetic.

  10. This is just pathetic drivel. No argumentation whatsoever in your entire post, the fallacies alone would take five pages to correct/teach you, so nevermind trying to correct you on American history. Get real you fool.