Tuesday, March 18, 2014

#960: George Montañez(?)

A.k.a. Atom tha Immortal

I am not quite sure about the current whereabouts of George Montañez, but he seems to be affiliated with Baylor University’s Department of Computer Science and Dembski’s Evolutionary Informatics Lab (which was always more a website than a lab). He was the co-author (Dembski was the first author) of the paper “Efficient Per Query Information Extraction from a Hamming Oracle”, a peer-reviewed, published paper that according to the authors showed evidence for intelligent design. It did absolutely no such thing.

Montañez is perhaps best known, however, for his alter-ego, the rapper Atom tha Immortal. Now, the misogynism and generally intellectually crude bigotry advocated by several well-known rappers might qualify more than one of the as loons. Yet there is something particularly outstanding about Atom tha Immortal’s enterprise. Atom is writing raps warning about the endtimes and favorably depicting Intelligent Design Creationism, with lines such as “Adam spawned genetic code of early on” and “I follow a path through Euclidean spacetime” – and in particular the sequence:

“Once the population finds Intelligent Design/ 
Enzymes hold the signs of a Divine Mind/ 
Darwinian speculation is useless/ 
To explain emergence/ 
Of cellular machines below the surface/ 
Seeing Specified Complexity points to a purpose/ 
Of a system of integrated parts/ 
Excluding chance as part/ 
Of how it could ever start.”

The whole thing is here.

Diagnosis: Perhaps he is just making fun of Intelligent Design. At least it makes much more sense that way.

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