Saturday, May 31, 2014

#1065: Joyce Riley

Joyce Riley is a “prolific but generic” 9/11 truther, who spreads her delusions and joyful alignment with the Dunning-Kruger lowest quartile on virtually any topic through The Power Hour, a daily streaming radio show, which calls itself a “Patriotic media news portal”, and which is also transmitted by such noteworthy outlets as the WWCR. Apparently Riley rose to fame mainly through her “work” on natural remedies for the Gulf War Syndrome after her (apparently) military career, an condition that she seems to have concluded to be the result of biological warfare conducted on US Military members, primarily – it seems – administered through vaccines, the goal apparently being “Malthusian population reduction” (you can read one of her screeds here). Proof that the powers that be are in a conspiracy against her? “No one has come to me and said, ‘you shouldn't be saying this.’ The reason being that they don't want to fight me in court. They know its true.” One wonders how she would have concluded if they had told her that she shouldn’t be saying what she says.

Riley’s rants are also brilliant displays of crank magnetism. In addition to the absence of any earthly foundation for her political screeds, you get the usual tripe on medical issues – most of which is actually pinched directly from NaturalNews and Joe Mercola’s website. A recurring idea is that “allopathic” doctors and conventional medicine are much more dangerous than guns (hence, there is no justification for gun laws: “Doctors, comparatively, kill 783,936 people each year, which is 64 times higher than [the number killed by other people with guns]. Doctors shoot you not with bullets, but with vaccines, chemotherapy and pharmaceuticals ... all of which turn out to be FAR more deadly than guns.” The positive health advice seem generally to concern avoiding the nebulous toxins through dietary choices, detox therapies and living naturally.

And hey, Riley doesn’t believe in global warming either. But she does believe in chemtrails.

You can also buy stuff from her shop – mostly various dubious herbal supplements and colloidal silver, as well as documentaries such as Chuck & Anita Untersee’s Behold a Pale Horse – America’s Last Chance and her own (Beyond Treason) and others’ (e.g. David von Kleist’s 9/11 in Plane Sight) documentaries on 9/11 (both directed by William Lewis).

Diagnosis: Another masterly combination of paranoia and the Dunning-Kruger effect, and the results are precisely the same every time. There are surely those who listen to her, but her listeners are probably way beyond hope anyways. 

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