Sunday, September 7, 2014

#1147: George R. Simpson

According to his very own profile George R. Simpson is a former NASA scientist, writer, inventor and software developer. Over the last 20 years, however, he has worked on identifying “a hidden language imbedded (sic) in the English language.” To do so, he has developed a fairly complicated set of rules (basically pure numerology) that allows him to “translate” the hidden language into common words and thereby revealing hidden messages (e.g. here). Quite what purpose a hidden language should serve is anyone’s guess, but Simpson is pretty ardent about it and takes a dim view of those who criticize his work (a website devoted to tracking his various lawsuits is here; yes, he did sue Randi at one point, claiming that he qualified for the million dollar challenge price). Oh, the codes are from a group of aliens that Simpson calls the ET Corn Gods.

The translations don’t seem to reveal much about the world either (unless you’re in the more challenged segment of conspiracy theorists), but they do reveal a few things about Simpson. Indeed, many of the messages he finds appear to be about himself – “Jesus”, for instance, translates to “GRS”, which would be … his own initials. Coincidence? Well, probably not, since if you actually look at the rules you will notice that they allow you to insert and delete characters pretty much at will.

Diagnosis: Colorful fellow. We should all be happy that people like this exists, though the various lawsuits he has been engaged in may have cost some taxpayer money. Might be worth it.

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