Wednesday, October 1, 2014

#1167: David Scott Springer

A.k.a. DaveScot

DaveScot used to be one of the most prominent bloggers at Bill Dembski’s blog Uncommon Descent, but was apparently kicked out in 2009 by Barry Arrington after writing a post pointing out that some Christians had been racists in past, too. DaveScot calls himself as an agnostic (he is just following the evience), though his calls for prayers for the non-religious suggests that his agnosticism is not particularly agnostic. His attempted defense of the possibility of a virgin birth does not suggest agnosticism either – but did suggest, rather strongly, a profound ignorance of basic facts about human biology.

His postings on the Kitzmiller v. Dover case are illuminating with regard to what creationists think the evolution “controversy” is all about (hint: it is not the evidence). He also lamented the extent to which the good parents of Dover obviously hated religion.

Now, I don’t really know what DaveScot is doing at the moment. Hopefully his experiences at Uncommon Descent taught him a lesson, but somehow I doubt that they did.

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