Sunday, April 19, 2015

#1345: Toni Bark

Toni Bark was once trained as an MD, but currently she practices Classic Homeopathy (which, in case you need a reminder, is premised on the falsity of all of modern science and has also been demonstrated beyond reasonable and unreasonable doubt not to have any beneficial health effects). Anything science-based she has left behind long, long ago. Bark does, however, run something called the Center for Disease Prevention and Reversal (uh huh), and through her web site she peddles a variety of crap including Essential Living Foods. She also appears to be a sometimes partner of “holistic women’s health psychiatrist” Kelly Brogan, one of the rising stars of pseudoscientific nonsense and health-related conspiracy theories at present (just chew on the phrase “holistic women’s health psychiatry” and let it feed your stereotypes).

Bark is the narrator for much of the movie “Bought” (by Jeff Hays), an insane conspiracy flick crammed with an impressive amount of misinformation and appeals to imagined persecution. Its main claim is that vaccines are ineffective and can cause autism, an idea so thoroughly debunked that it presently makes its promoters seem like gravity denialists. The movie also combines vaccine denialism with GMO paranoia, but fails – predictably – to cite a single source for this discredited line of ideas either.

Diagnosis: So that’s Toni Bark for you – an anti-rational critical thinking denialist who appears to systematically go in the opposite direction of the evidence. And she’s not alone, which really is exasperating.


  1. Have you ever even been to this doctor? She is most definelty a rational, out of the box thinker. She generously fixed an extremely painful erupted cyst on my ovary in a matter of minutes when it unexpectedly erupted and I keeled over crying in pain by her house. The same episode previously left me in pain for a week when I let a myriad of doctors treat me over a 3-day-stay at a top hospital. Yes, she does things differently, and that proved better for my case.

    1. You SHOULD keel over n pain after making up stories like this one.

    2. lolololllll, what bullshit

    3. Well, that settles it. Your unverified anecdote nullifies all of the hard evidence that would otherwise discredit her. Congratulations.

    4. You simply can't get comedy writers this good anymore, nicely done.