Wednesday, May 18, 2016

#1662: Charles Goodson

There seems to be plenty of lunatics in the US prepared to refight the Civil War, but since their leaders tend to be as competent as David Icke forum participants we are probably in no immediate danger. The New Confederate Army, for instance – which appears to be primarily a facebook group – seems to have fallen on hard times due (in part) to problems with dissenters and traitors who are trying to raise their own new Confederate Armies, and its founder and leader General Charles Goodson seems to be ready to launch wars on these traitors since they are “trying to destroy me and the Confederate liberation cause” and “have spies on all of my pages.” According to Goodson, the dissenters are “no different from the Europeans who collaborated with the Nazi’s during WWII. They are pro-Imperialists, no matter what they tell you, they are for the Empire,” and they also tend to accuse Goodson of being like Hitler.

You can watch a summary of their political positions here, but with clowns like this any movement toward realizing those goals seem bound to implode more or less immediately. If you wish to join them, the application form is here; you do, however, have to “solemnly swear and affirm, that [you] will support and defend the Constitution of the Confederate States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic”. 

I am pretty sure our Charles Goodson is unrelated to this Charles Goodson, but I betcha they would have lots to discuss.

Diagnosis: Just sit back and watch the sordid affair run its course. Or do something completely different; that’s OK, too.


  1. If you're familiar with FSTDT, then the likes of Anna Diehl, David Chase Taylor and Patrick Scrivener would probably be worthy of a place on this site.

  2. Would this be the Constitution of the Confederate States that supports the institution of slavery?

    Good lick with that one, Charlie.