Monday, June 5, 2017

#1846: Rachel Kohler

Rachel Kohler is an International Medium (no idea), clairvoyant, psychic, metaphysical teacher and life coach. She calls herself “Dr. Rachel Kohler” and apparently sports “a degree in Metaphysics”. That is not a degree that would allow you to call yourself “Dr” where “Dr” is a protected title that requires an actual education; according to her website her training consists of “mainly teaching form [sic] my spirit guides,” which should put the degree in perspective. Apparently her spirit guides “taught me to integrate the spiritual laws as well as the laws of physics and apply them to my spiritual work.” Those would not be the laws of physics. Effervescent spirit guides are not good teachers when it comes to laws of physics. Kohler does, however, apparently teach “spiritual development courses, meditation, tarot and Channeling classes in Reading Area Community College.” The college does not list her among their faculty.

As an intuitive healer, Kohler claims to be able to make accurate diagnoses over the telephone: “I am a professional, licensed and degreed spiritual visionary with a documented accuracy rate of 95-100%,” says her website, though it is a bit thin on documentation (it has testimonials). It also says that “My Code of Ethics is your assurance of my integrity.” Right.

As a psychic she claims to have predicted 9/11. Her website lists no concrete predictions about the future, though she does warn customers that “[i]f a prediction is given to you and it does not happen, do not blame the psychic. But rather examine if you or someone else had a role in changing that prediction.”

Diagnosis: No, there is little that distinguishes her from hundreds of other similar New Age loons around the Internet – we don’t really know how we came across her in particular – but that doesn’t make her any less a loon, and she seems to be a fine representative for them all.


  1. You really need to add Dr. Jack Wheeler to your gallery of rogues, he is a peach.

  2. Holy fucking shit, that guy has the loosest definition of the word "rational" that I have ever seen.

  3. "All forms of leftism and liberalism are based on an atavistic belief in Black Magic. All are based on the primitive fear of the envious Evil Eye."

  4. Is a directory of barrooms called a spirit guide?