Tuesday, September 12, 2017

#1895: Deborah Lindsey & the IMU

John Lilly, patient zero for all things dolphin woo, has passed away. We cannot find explicit evidence that Deborah Lindsey is into dolphin woo, but she probably is. Lindsey is the founder of the International Metaphysical University (IMU) (Courses in Shamanic Studies) located in Vienna, West Virginia – at least that’s the postal address; the “university” seems primarily to exist online, and it’s sufficiently obscure to fail to make it even to this comprehensive list. Lindsey is also the administrative contact and technical contact for the, uh, institution. According to her own bio, “she’s the founder of the International Metaphysical University (how many people start a UNIVERSITY?);” probably not many, Lindsey, and we have some bad news for you. In any case, “[s]he is also trained and certified in more than a dozen healing protocols including Reiki (Usui, Toltec/Nagual, Ma’haeo’o), Quantum Touch, Touch for Health, Energy Kinesiology, Pranic Healing, Hypnosis, Jaffe-Mellor Technique, Kolaimni [has to do with charging one’s chakras, apparently], and more.” Also from her bio: “she’s one of those teachers who is ‘on a mission from God.’ (Yeah, it’s a Blues Brother reference in the middle of a biography.)” Why, yes; yes, it is.

None of the IMU’s (distant learning) courses are anywhere remotely close to being accredited by anything resembling any serious accrediting organization, but they are at least reasonably expensive, and one suspects that their intended target audience is precisely those who don’t have a clear grasp of the difference between those two parameters. The course catalogue is at least fascinating. Lindsey herself does Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and the IMU will happily certify you as an EFT practitioner (hah!), but she also teaches “Consciousness studies” and “Principles of Metaphysics” (a 1912 publication called “The Kybalion” by one Thoth, “scribe of the gods”), and “Energy Anatomy” (“including how to see auras, and explore the meridian system in the body[;] [m]oreover, students will challenge their own perceptions about the causes of illness and what it takes to heal;” otherwise that course wouldn’t get very far, methinks).

Apart from these courses, the IMU course catalogue contains (e.g.) the following:

  • Two courses on Anatomy and Physiology for Energy Healers, $197 each, which promise to answer “[b]urning questions like if I have a stomach ache is it my stomach that hurts, or if someone is a pain in the neck is it my neck or a little lower”. It’s almost like medschool. Instructor: one Julia Ananeva,  who has “a deep understanding of biological interconnections in a physical body” and can “bring Bio-energetic healing to the higher level;” she is also an expert on the Law of Attraction.
  • Energy Kinesiology and Muscle Testing, on e.g. energy blockages as a cause for disease; the course comes with a version of the Quack Miranda. Instructor: John Maguire, founder and director of the LA Kinesiology Institute.
  • Flower of Life, Sacred Geometry, and the Merkaba. Instructor: Bruce Vinikas.
  • Understanding the Mayan Calendar. Instructor: the legendary Carl Johan Calleman; he also does the course “The Purposeful Universe”.
  • Basic Principles of the Law of One, where students are given an opportunity to “explor[e] the ways of polarity and the functions and use of the energy body”. Instructor: James A. McCarty.
  • Foundations of Psychic Development I & II. Instructor: Janet Decker.
  • Animal Communication; sounds awesome. Instructor: Georgina Cyr, who is also into iridology.
  • Astrology. Instructor: Susan Sheppard, “the creator of the Haunted Parkersburg Ghost Tours”, but they also list “Allison Sandblom, Proxy”.
  • Tarot I & II. Instructor: Terry Lively.
  • Foundations of Shamanism. Instructor: Mark Perkins, who also does their course on “Ho’oponopono - A Shamanic Exploration”.
  • Basic Shamanic Journeying. Instructor: Sandra Ingerman, a familiar name in these circles; some information here.
  • Toltec Nagual Reiki. Instructor: Randy Hastings, “deceased”, apparently in 2010. They still offer the course.
  • Fundamentals of Huna Shamanism/Advanced Huna Shaman Training. Instructor: Serge King.
  • Introduction to Ufology & Intermediate Ufology. Instructor: our old friend Richard Dolan, but they also list “Kelly Weary, Proxy”.
  • An Introduction to Sitchin Studies. No, really. Instructor: Neil Freer.
  • Variety of Extraterrestrial Encounters. Instructor: Barbara Lamb, whose specialty seems to be human-alien hybrids.
  • Mind Traveling UFOs and Extraterrestrial Civilizations I & II. Instructor: John Terry.
  • Introduction to Exoconsciousness & Advanced Exoconsciousness. Instructor: Rebecca Hardcastle, whom we have encountered before.
  • Extraterrestrials, and The Mystery Schools. Instructor: Judy Kennedy.

There are also practical courses, such as “Creating the Foundation for Your Irresistibly Authentic Metaphysical or Holistic Healing Consultancy” and “Creating Your Rapidly Saleable Business Programs and Packages”, all with one Diane Boerstler. Boerstler is probably a person to take note of for future reference; if a company has a Boerstler-number of less than, say, 3 you should probably avoid it.

Diagnosis: It actually seems that Lindsey somehow believes the stuff she peddles, but I am not sure that makes it any better. Complete, undiluted insanity.


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