Sunday, February 25, 2018

#1970: Charles H. McGowen

A brief glance at the signatories to the Discovery Institute’s silly petition “A Scientific Dissent from Darwinism” yields preciously few actual scientists – and even fewer people with actual expertise in any relevant area – but plenty of people like Charles H. McGowen. McGowen is an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine, but we have found no actual research to his name. Instead, McGowen is the author of creationist books like In Six Days (1976), described as a “treatise on the creation/evolution controversy”, and its sequel In Six Days: A Case For Intelligent Design (2002), which is marketed as (yet another) “great teaching tool”; i.e. it is a book intended to hoodwink audiences, in particular children, with no background knowledge in the field. McGowen himself seems to have done no actual research on evolution or design, but then the Intelligent Design movement was never about science or research anyways, but about public relations.

McGowen apparently Rejects theistic evolution in part because it “requires a refutation of the absolute, inspired, inerrant truth of God’s Word,” which shows that his dissent from “Darwinism” is at least not a scientific dissent. McGowen is also Contributing Editor for the Reformation & Revival Journal.

Diagnosis: At least there seems to be little remotely scientific about McGowen’s forays into biology or his dissent from science. Just another fundie loon, in other words. There are plenty of those. At least he serves as a good example of the kind of people who signed the Discovery Institute’s petition.


  1. G.D. - Your website is awesome. I have been a fan of your site for years, and I love reading, everyday, hoping each day that you have listed or profiled another loon for me to learn about. I was hoping to bring to your attention a Mr. Scott Clarke, a real nut that I have noticed has not been listed on your blog (If he was, I must have missed it, and if that is the case, I sincerely apologize). I just feel that Mr. Clarke is a real loon and that it may benefit your site, in addition to the many of your readers, to include him. I am just making a suggestion, as I am uncertain as to what criteria or qualifications you consider before adding an individual to your database. Also, while on the subject of adding individuals, I thought that maybe you might find it interesting to check out three other men, who I personally believe to be completely nuts; Mr. Ryuho Okawa, Mr. Justin Fatica, and Mr. Scott Butcher. I will provide links to all four of these individuals below. While Mr. Okawa is Japanese and not “American” as is the title of your blog, it is my understanding that he maintains a residence in both Japan and the United States, though I do not have documented source for that information.

    Please keep up the good work, and may god b-less.

    Ryuho Okawa:

    Scott Butcher:

    Scott Clarke:

    Justin Fatica:

  2. Thanks. I'll look them up (haven't covered any of them as of yet).

  3. Yes great blog but the alphabetical thing is sooo damn dumb. I've urged him for years to change it so he can keep update with the latest loons but to no avail.