Friday, March 9, 2018

#1977: Craige McMillan

“Columnist for the WND” is not exactly something to be proud of if you value accountability and intellect, but Craige McMillan is, and has very little of either.

His column “The Nazi Takeover of America Has Begun” from 2011 is a good example. It is about … Occupy Wall Street. “Take a good look at the faces of the protesters you see in the streets, America,” says McMillan: “They are destined to become your new masters.” And to make them seem even more ominous: “They are run from the White House. Your tax dollars are paying them to overthrow the Constitution.” Now, that’s some belligerently idiotic silliness, but McMillan is nothing if not commited to trying to top it. Here for instance, is (a discussion of) McMillan on the foreshadowing of the United States in the Bible; gibberish rarely comes less coherent than this (he later claimed that God has now decided to pull the plug on America, of course). And here is (a discussion of) his amazingly silly “Leftists and Islamists Both Want You to Die For Their Cause”.

And after Obama’s reelection –when there was apparently something of a competition for being most laughably over the top at the WND – McMillan took aim at gays, lesbians, college students and the “47 percent” –America’s growing “rot” – claiming that these people are “at war with God” and like the “antichrists” of the Bible mentioned in 1 John. (When gay marriage was finally legalized, McMillan asserted that it would unleash a communist “hell on earth”.) And to blame for it all is the school system, which turns kids into “little secularists and communists” while “America’s up and coming leaders” at colleges are “too busy enjoying the enforced coed dorms and subsidized abortions at our nation’s most prestigious educational establishments” to care about America’s decline. Of course, it will all lead to “world government” and the end of civilization. As a final, desperate measure, McMillan petitioned Chief Justice John Roberts to refuse to administer the presidential oath of office; otherwise he would face “impeachment and eternal dishonor.” Then he compared US as of 2013 to Nazi Germany (of course), warning, like a prophet of old, about how future Nuremberg Trials would condemn people like Roberts for “violating their own oath of office, continu[ing] the sham through a second presidential term.” Apparently, McMillan also thinks that Obama having the right to nominate judges is … “monarchy”. No, he doesn’t understand how this work; he doesn’t understand how any of this works.

In 2004, McMillan warned that John Kerry was really a front for a NAMBLA-backed conspiracy to ensure that your children are raped by your teachers. His attempt to connect the Abu Ghraib scandal to the “femnization” of media, however, is so incoherent that it’s hard to make even cursory heads or tails of it.

He has also blamed JFK for “nazi labor unions” since everything McMillan doesn’t like is just like Hitler. Apparently, unions deny Americans “a voice in their political future”. No, we have no idea, but rest assured McMillan doesn’t either.

Here is McMillan trying to argue that Edward Snowden is a double agent for the NSA.

Diagnosis: Oh, the WND. Few other places would have found a home for the paranoid, strikingly incoherent ramblings of incoherent conspiracy theorist and professional gohmert Craige McMillan. But people apparently read him – there are no coherent thoughts in his writings, but that just means that paranoic, critical-thinking-challenged wingnuts can take from his delusional streams of consciousness whatever they like and get it to confirm whatever they already believe anyways.

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