Friday, November 23, 2018

#2107: Chuck Peters

Chuck Peters is one of the leading voices in the ex-gay movement and currently a “research assistant” with Christopher Doyle’s Voice of the Voiceless, a group that describes itself as “the only anti-defamation league for former homosexuals.” It is really an anti-gay organization, of course, with the pronounced goal of trying to turn gay people’s very real complaints against insane anti-gay bigots against them. Peters, for instance, condemns gay rights advocates for being “heterophobic,” “bigoted,” and “anti-pro-choice.”

The ex-gay movement has its own pride, uh, rallies: “We are ex-queers and we’re not going anywhere so get used to us!exclaimed Peters at one such before launching the cheer “Hip hip hurray for ex-gays. Hip hip hurray for ex-gays. Hip hip hurray for ex-gays.” And just to avoid misunderstanding: ex-gayorganizations do not exist to celebrate people who have experimented and decided that they are heterosexual; the movement is of course not about choice but about getting people to stop being gay because Jesus. 

Peters also has a history of criticizing media for their portrayals of strong women and “stupid,” “buffoon” dads on television, which he thinks are turning kids gay: As a result of these media portrayals boys begin idolizing women and female celebrities while seeing “this caricature of men on TV,” which somehow makes them gay. How you get to that conclusion from the premises is a bit unclear.

Diagnosis: Yeah. No. Don’t be like Chuck Peters.

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