Thursday, December 20, 2018

#2121: Scott Pollack

Scott Pollack is the self-declared chief editor of something called the Critical Post, where he constructs sentences like this (concerning socialists): “Your leadership, which springs from post graduate degree, liberal feminist chauvinists, brought about by a usurpatious lawyer class, and the Edward Bernays school of PR, artfully used by all of America’s large corporations, as well as, the Rockefeller Foundation’s various think tank initiatives, and now adopted by a greed filled Bolshevik-minded, Hungarian by the name of Soros, sadly and ironically, a misguided Jew no less, and we all suffer by comparison to him…this leadership again…female or male, has no clue of Austrian economics, among other things, and therefore, the rest of the dogmas they preach, have no effect except that of degenerated natures and malevolent, commercial – political manifestations, which is what prevails, and only tenuously, presently, in the fabric of the American Collective Conscience.” But fear not; Pollack is no anti-semite. After all, the cited sentence comes from a tribute to Pam Geller, “a beautiful, (soul and otherwise) and glamorous siren songstress of reason in a sea of Muslim, as well as, liberal confounded argument,” who is Jewish. Like Jesus, in fact. You can read the rest of it here.

Diagnosis: Yeah, pretty obscure. Pollack’s got his defenders, though, which is absolutely insane.

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