Wednesday, September 4, 2019

#2237: Doyel Shamley

Doyel Shamley is the president of a Nevada-based firm called Veritas Research Consulting, and part of his day job is to advise Republican politicians, including congresspeople, on land management and environmental policy – as such, he has participated in numerous fora and on several panels sponsored by conservative groups, and testified before various House committees and state assemblies.

But when his dayshift is over Doyel Shamley the consultant becomes Doyel Shamley the conspiracy theorist, who for years hosted the online radio show The Hour of the Time, where he would speculate on a range of issues, suggesting for instance that UFO sightings are a false-flag operation by the Illuminati to gain more power, and claiming that federal agents killed his friend, Christian Identity theorist William Cooper, because he was asking questions about the attacks on the World Trade Center – yes, Shamley is a 9/11 truther, and has claimed that “terrorism is really just part of a grand Hegelian dialectic scheme to bring about their desired change and the end result that the illuminati want, a New World Order.” 

On the 2009 DVD “New World Order: The Battle for Your Mind and the Truth to UFOs”, he claimied that his conspiracy activism was viewed as a nuisance during his military career: “I did classes in the military on the New World Order, etc., to my troops and my platoons,” said Shamley: “Everything from the sham of fiat money and the federal reserve centralized banking system to the Illuminati to Council of [sic] Foreign Relations, Tri-Lats, all the typical subjects and me and my squad leaders, we would hand out literature and have classes in the barracks at night.” Clearly the fact that people in the military was annoyed must have been because Shamley was onto something.

Shamley does apparently distance himself from people like Alex Jones, however, whose antics he characterizes as “fearmongering” – not because there is something wrong with Jones’s integrity or critical thinking skills, but because Jones is too pessimistic. Shamley, on the other hand, thinks change is possible. 

It is far from clear that his clients in politics are entirely unaware of his double life either. For instance, when Jennifer Fielder, the Montana GOP vice chair, identified Shamley as an expert in natural resources after inviting him to testify before the state’s Environmental Quality Council in 2014, she may not have mentionedhis conspiracy theory career, but Fielder herself has dabbled in sovereign citizen ideas and attended seminars with speakers (e.g. Kirk MacKenzie) who think that environmentalists are “domestic terrorists” and that cabals of international banking families are responsible for pushing environmental regulations. It is hard not to wonder.

In 2008, Shamley was elected natural resources coordinator for Apache County, a position he used to get the county to pass a pair of resolutions asserting its authority over federal lands. In 2018 he sought election to the Arizona House of Representatives to represent District 7; he was apparently unopposed in the primaries but lost the general election. Shamley has also provided training and workshops for Defend Rural America’s secessionist county organizing drive in California.

Diagnosis: It’s hard to shake the feeling that the lunatic paranoia of people like Doyel Shamley has become rather mainstreamed the last few years (though of course: that itself might sound like paranoia). And its impact is surely not benign effect. Deranged maniac.

Hat-tip: Tim Murphy @MotherJones


  1. You're a fascist propaganda author.. im sure it's easy to ignore, demean, and belittle the truths that great men like Cooper and Shamley have worked tirelessly to expose. Especially when you yourself have not taken the time to examine the evidence for yourself.
    Just continue walking your dark path with your eyes closed, slandering people who are willing to die for your chance to possibly see these truths. But only if you are not lazy and actually love Anne understand freedom... and what it cost.. only only if your journalistic integrity matters to you. Or are you just another sheeple profiting off of poking fun at people with ideas that are beyong your pea brains capacity. I challenge you to actually listen to the message of ther people you slander before publishing you're communist propaganda

  2. Agreed to 'Unknown' comments above

  3. Compare Cooper with the most influential theorist on the left and "Mother Jones". Both are primarily "conspiracy theorists" although Chomsky is never painted with that broad brush: they agree that there is a conspiracy of a few groups of the most wealthy and powerful to continue to take control of the media, natural resources, and technology : masses of people are kept in a state of stupor by misinformation and distraction with things like sports: both spoke out against racism, anti-Semitism, the game of the two political parties who are being controlled by those groups. Chomsky is more of an extremist in that he wants society to adopt and an anarchist model and Bill fought for a balance between the two extremes of a constitutional government. He also insisted people read opposing viewpoints and think for themselves.

  4. whoever made this site is probably a slavemason loon