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#2444: Sher Zieve

RenewAmerica is a fringe-rightwing, fundamentalist conspiracy theory website that would qualify as ridiculous even by the standards of fringe-rightwing conspiracy websites. And among the site’s numerous idiots and deranged maniacs, Sher Zieve might just possibly be the most batshit insane of them all – though RenewAmerica also runs Bryan Fischer’s column; competition is fierce.



Zieve was no fan of Obama, and this column nicely illustrates the general tenor of her criticisms. Basically, Obama was a tyrant and everything his administration did, including environmental regulations, was “completely illegal and unconstitutional” because … well, it’s not even clear that Zieve actually disagrees with all the policies, and she doesn’t offer a hint of a reason why it should be illegal and unconstitutional beyond the fact that they were implemented by “Obama and his Marxist Dems” – in fact, the reason their policies are illegal and unconstitutional may ultimately be because Obama was a Marxist, and therefore a tyrant, and as such everything he did was illegal. And the reason he nevertheless succeeded was that Congress “is now composed almost entirely of Marxist-Leninist Democrats and RINO Marxist wannabees,” including the overt Marxists John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, who were just happy as clams to be “overtly supporting the tyrant” Obama (according to Zieve, “at some point almost all politicians become leftists in order to enrich themselves”). Reason, facts and what words mean are tools Zieve hasn’t quite gotten the hang of.


Nor did any of the Republicans ever even try to stop Obama and his co-conspirators from executing their “plans to overthrow virtually all” Middle Eastern governments “within a close proximity to Israel” to “replace them with Muslim Brotherhood rulers”. Indeed, Obama, who always stood “with the Islamic terrorists, was “installing Muslim Brotherhood members as quickly as possible into the US government,” too. “Shari’a is only a short step away, folks,” says Zieve. In a follow-up column, Zieve accused “Imam” Obama of being bent on turning Americainto full-fledged Marxist Communo-Fascist elitist-ruled Islamo-Drug cartel Narco/Nazi State.” Distinctions is a communist plot to derail paranoid wingnut streams of consciousness and wild accusations.


But why would Obama try to ruin America? Well, you didn’t have to ask, did you? Obama is actually a demon mentioned in the Bible. “By the way, has Obama said yet that his name is really Legion? Just wondering …” Even Zieve seems to have dimly sensed that the idea was silly. But then she went on to assert it anyway.


Other crimes committed by the Obama administration include 

  • usurpation of the State of Tennessee and its melding into the Obama government” – that was apparently connected to the Emergency Alert System, through which the administration confiscated “ALL television and Radio broadcasts for a supposed ‘test’ of the EAS” (you didn’t notice, did you?); “supposed”, because it all seems to have really been a ploy to abuse children, an accusation that makes Zieve something of a proto-Qanon dimwit
  • dismantling the US and replacing it with “either East Germany or the Stalinist USSR”, and 
  • supporting and implementing the “‘Occupy Wall Street’ flea circus” as a “cover for his implementation of the finalization of his Police State” (don’t think too hard about how the ploy was supposed to work; Zieve has a couple of views on Occupy Wall Street). 

Zieve was also a major pusher of the Jade Helm 15 conspiracy theory, claiming – without a shred of evidence or reason, of course – that the exercise was part of a ploy to “install Martial Law nationwide.”


Weighing in on the Bundy Ranch standoff, Zieve concluded that the Bureau of Land Management had become “Obama’s private army”, one “that will be used against American citizens and likely very soon”, and the whole incident was part of their plot to “begin the process of turning the USA into a meatless society.” In general, Zieve has no idea what is going on, and doesn’t care. The relevance of facts and understanding are nothing but Satanic-gay-islamic gambits to silence fundie wingnuts. A good example of Zieve’s attitude toward facts is her 2014 proclamation thatObama has announced that he will very shortly issue an Executive Order to begin flying illegals (renamed ‘refugees’) from Central Americans countries into the USA. These will be indoctrinated as Democrat voters and trained to worship Obama the minute they set foot on the plane … or even before.” The purpose of doing so is “to replace the current population in the US” with “MS-13 gang members and Islamists … including ISIS/ISIL members.” And the ultimate goal of that, as Zieve has repeatedly stated and which the administration was always on the brink of attaining, was to create a “Marxist-Islamic North American Caliphate” with Obama himself as the leader. And after having imported thousands of Central American Muslims from Central America, the Obama administration would, with the help of covert (or possibly overt) Islamo-Marxist Mitch McConnell, have non-Muslims stoned to death – in particular, Obama was long planning a genocide against white people because he is black a demon of Satan: “to the Obama Administration white lives don’t matter”.


Obama was also pushing for gun control in order to make it easier for Islamists to kill Americans; indeed, the whole point of immigration is to kill Americans: Obama wanted toeliminate at least 25,000,000 people” and possibly “many more millions of us” to make room for undocumented immigrants. After killing all these Americans, Obama would then give your homes to the immigrants, who would then support his political goals. And people allow this to happen, including the administration’s explicit commitment to enslaving them, because they are afraid to be called ‘racist’.


Indeed, by 2015 Obama had alreadydecimated the US economy” (Zieve needed to emphasize that “[t]he downfall in the US economy did begin under President Bush but, ONLY after the Marxist-Democrats took control of both houses of Congress,” because it is so obviously false that even her own readers might not already have believed it) and submitted “to the will of Iran”. She even offers some explanations for how this state of affairs came to be: Republicans have been made weak by taking too much estrogen “[w]hile all too many of the American sheeple continue to sleep”, and it is all predicted in the Bible, according to which the “coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonder”.



At least electing Trump provided some respite from the perennial destruction of America. According to Zieve, Trump “has been and continues to be one of the strongest, brightest and most influential men in current world history,” and voting him in was a major step in thwarting the Satanists in Congress and their push for a one-world government. The fight certainly didn’t end, however. In response to the 2016 election, “the globalist powers visibly headed by Luciferian leader and ObamaFriend George Soros began their malicious work to overturn the election and end the USA as it was founded.” We haven’t bothered to look up her reactions to the 2020 election.



According to Zieve, public schools today regularly teach Marxist and Islamic propaganda – the Holy Bible is being banned in schools along with the targeting of any and all Christian thought and speech, while Islam is being actively taught.” (It is not entirely clear whether Zieve has ever been to a school.) In fact, Common Core is “designed to train good Communist subjects; that is subjects in the feudal sense. More on Zieve’s view of Common Core here (recommended).


Oh, and Zieve is also a Sandy Hook truther. The Sandy Hook massacre was just one of many false flag operations undertaken by the Obama administration for unclear but definitely Satanic reasons. Apparently, Zieve managed to convince herself that “[w]ith the exception of the actors on set, Sandy Hook school wasn’t even open for business … and […] hadn’t been for years.”


Diagnosis: A serious candidate for being the most unhinged wingnut columnist on the Internet – her mind is apparently just a chaotic storm of delusional paranoia that she is utterly unable to distinguish from reality or channel into anything remotely coherent: What she thinks reality is like is so far removed from reality, and what binds her views together is so far removed from anything resembling reason, that it is hard to imagine how the gap could even in theory be closed. Nevertheless, her ideas might have gone more mainstream than many of us like to believe.

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