Monday, April 18, 2022

#2531: Belinda Bee

Belinda Bee is a rightwing activist and organizer of various demonstrations to remove then-president Obama (whatever it is in office over there) from office as part of her putatively God-ordained mission to save America. She apparently founded and co-coordinated (together with e.g. the relatively colorful “Pope” Dan Johnson) the 2 Million Bikers to DC demonstration in 2014 (i.e. the sequel, which fell some 99.9% short of its goal), for instance. As a speaker at one of dingbat Larry Klayman’s rallies, she laid out her political views rather nicely: “We at 2 Million Bikers to DC do believe in God, Country, our Constitution, our Bill of Rights – as written. That means there should not be change. We don’t care about all of those Bill of Rights that came after the original. We want to go back to our Founding Fathers’ views and beliefs.” (She is, in other words, pro-slavery but anti-voting.) She also passionately defended her interpretation of freedom of religion: “We are one nation under God, and without God, we are not America […]”, and freedom of religion means to “have the freedom to be a Christian, and to have the God that we have,” not any other religious views. She also targeted the imagined threat of Sharia law and churches that accept “perversion” – presumably homosexuality.


Diagnosis: Her activities didn’t exactly launch her into stardom, and she remains pretty obscure – we have no idea what she’s up to these days (google searching is hampered by her sharing the name with a presumably different adult movie actress) but it’s probably nothing good.

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  1. She also shares a name with one of my ex-wives.

    I wouldn't be surprised ...