Thursday, February 23, 2023

#2620: F.W. Burleigh

The online publication American Thinker is generally known as a poor man’s Newsmax, and is primarily characterized by general ineptitude, for instance when it comes to distinguishing fake news and incoherent nonsense from legitimate news stories. That’s how they end up publishing things like pieces by F.W. Burleigh, such as his 2015 piece “Obama and the Muslim Gang Sign”, in which Burleigh alleged, based on a photo, that Obama flashed a “Muslim gang sign” to the prime minister of “Morroco” and the president of Mali during a meeting, something that apparently suggests that Obama was in some secret Muslim conspiracy with several African leaders – at the very least, it is, according to Burleigh, compelling evidence that Obama was really a Muslim. But Burleigh already knew that, given how consistently “Obama is comfortable with Islam’s extreme.”


And Burleigh ought to know, doesn’t he? Burleigh is also the author of It’s All About Muhammad: A Biography of the World’s Most Notorious Prophet (enthusiastically reviewed by e.g. Alan Caruba, whom we had all but forgotten). Burleigh does not seem to have any relevant research background in any relevant field (at least we were unable to find it), but he really doesn’t like Muhammad or Islam – his website also features articles like “How to Bring an End to Islam”; “[d]ropping bombs is certainly part of it”, but Burleigh primarily suggests using cinema: “Hollywood quality blockbusters” depicting … his own books. That ought to do it. Burleigh also wrote a novel, The Imam of Time, to accompany his biography.


Diagnosis: It’s tempting to conclude with “whatever” to such silly conspiracy theorists, but lots of people actually read this kind of stuff and things people like Burleigh has anything going for them, even to the extent that they might mistake him for a serious scholar. That is frightening.


  1. I'm thinking the F.W. is short for "Fuckwad."

  2. "Burleigh is also the author of It’s All About Muhammad: A Biography of the World’s Most Notorious Prophet..."

    What, he tries to be a new Salman Rushdie but he fails? Nobody cares?

    (I suspect that this crusader moron knows very little about the subject he writes about, i.e. Islam & Muhammad. But that's ok. His readers (LOL, "readers") know even less, better to say - nothing at all)

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    2. (Regarding my previous comment, and the article to which the comment belongs, which mentions Muhammad and thus indirectly Islam, I have to add something else.

      /Link to all articles:

      Namely, some time ago, long before I wrote the above comment, I came across a series of twenty-two articles by a certain Dr. Raida Jarrar in a monthly magazine for Muslims called "Al-Jumuah. She is an IT aviation engineer (as stated in the short description below the articles). But enough about that...

      In these articles, she "refutes" atheism in a very stupid and primitive way. Such stupidities that she writes about have been refuted countless times. But she obviously didn't learn her lesson.

      What's in those articles? Oh, my goodness, all kinds of idiocy! For example, atheists (meaning scientists) are racists, primarily Darwin, then, Darwin's son who is a eugenicist...etc. It's as if science, especially evolutionary biology, hasn't progressed since the mid-nineteenth century, so some things are still "valid".

      Furthermore, in these articles, she quotes a lot of creationist ID/iots/, mainly Christian ones, and there is one Muslim one, namely Harun Yahya, who all won the battle against atheism (thank God!, or should I say "Alhamdulillah"?).

      When he quotes scientists (real ones and not creationist ID/iots/) it is obvious that he completely misunderstands them... and so on and so forth... But who cares anyway...

      But as I wrote in one of my previous comments on this blog: religious delusions make otherwise intelligent people stupid. I mean, no matter how many academic titles a certain person has "decorated" with, if he/she is religious, he/she is definitely a fool. Amen.)

  3. I generally agree with all that is said about the theocrats and religitards, but I think a distinction should be made between believing in a Supreme being (God) and what passes off as "religion".

    The Bible is God's revelation to man. Religion is
    man's revelation about god! To this, religion, God says " beware", Matthew 7:15-20, 2Cor 11:13-15!

    Also, not all of those true scientists as you call them were/are atheists. They may not be religious, but they are not fools (Psalms 14:1)!

    1. "Also, not all of those true scientists as you call them were/are atheists."

      Of course that "not all scientists are atheists". But most scientists are religious in a way that they are culturally religious if you understand what I mean. And most scientists leave their religious beliefs behind a closed doors when they enter the laboratory or cabinet. They have no use of what they hear on Sunday mass, Saturday in the synagogue, or eventually by the Imam on Friday in the mosque.

      But, unfortunately, some non-atheist scientists think (think?) that they can mix science with religion and subsequently write some books about that. All that in a hope that they somehow can win a disgusting Templeton Prize. Then they lose credibility... but hey, their pockets are full of money!


      "The Bible is God's revelation to man. Religion is
      man's revelation about god!"

      If you don't live from so-called sophisticated theology I would recommend you start. You`re very talented.


      (And please, do not cite to me from your Holy Shi... pardon... Book. I know all this as well as you know, believe me. /But if you want to impress some from the audience that's fine. I`ve nothing against it/.
      That has no effect on me of any kind. /Begin to study the Qur'an an then you will have more citing materials/).