Sunday, May 9, 2010

#8: Douglas Axe

Axe is a zealous creationist associated with the Discovery Institute (he is the director at their “Biologic Institute"). Axe is a molecular biologist, and thus actually knows some science. He uses this knowledge to write mundane papers, at least two of which have been published in low-tier, although genuine, journals - despite being uninteresting and mundane. Axe’s work is hailed by the Discovery Institute as evidence for their views. Of course, there is no actual support of intelligent design in these published papers, and Axe himself admits as much:

Insofar as Axe is a creationist with real scientific publications to his name, Axe’s work is one of the main contributions to a sheen of legitimacy for the ID movement. But given that his publications do not at all support or even touch on their views (but are willfully interpreted as such by other ID-proponents without Axe complaining) he is an important contributor to erecting the framework of dishonesty that is the ID movement.

Diagnosis: Dishonest wingnut who might pose a genuine if minor threat to science and rationality as a creationist with actually published (though unrelated) material.


  1. And he shows himself to be extremely fond of the standard Creationist false dichotomy: If just evolution were shown to be false then creationism would be correct. He seems nevertheless to be dimly aware of the problem with this assumption, and he makes some rather feeble attempts at goalpost-moving his way around them.

  2. And no; despite being touted as the scientist of the DiscoTute, he doesn't have the most tenuous grasp of biology, as evidenced by this feeble and profound misunderstanding of basic notions.

  3. Gotta love how evolutionist loons can't admit that there are smart, educated people who believe that God created life. Apparently some guy who holds a PhD from Caltech and did postdoctoral work at Cambridge "knows some science." If he "knows some science" then you...? The immediate response to such nonsense would be to ask you to produce your resume and see whether you're one of the few people on the planet with a stronger one, but on second thought, comparing resumes doesn't mean as much as we would like - after all, Albert Einstein developed special relativity while basically unemployed (working in a patent office since he couldn't get a job as a physics professor).

    1. I have no idea what you are talking about. There are smart, educated people who believe that God created life, and that has nothing to do with evolution. There are even a few people, such as Axe, who have his credentials in order, yet who continues to reject the cumulative efforts of all the rest of science. It has nothing really to do with Axe's credentials, except that denialists appear to love showing off the few serious scientists who are also denialists there are (compare the ridiculous lists thrown off by the Discovery Institute, CMI, the Oregon Institute and so on (to which Project Steve is a brilliant response)).

  4. Douglas Axe is an outstanding scientist. Maxwell, Max Plank, Boyle, Borh, Mendel, Faraday, Newton and many other great scientist of all times use to believe in God to.