Friday, February 25, 2011

#159: Harold Green

Harold Green may be a relatively minor figure. He makes up for that through his sheer amount of lunacy, however, and by being a colorful fellow. Harold Green is apparently the go-to-guy if you’ve got questions about the quadrant sign code conspiracy (and have already determined that you want a certain kind of answer). So what’s that? “Embedded in our nation's road sign system is a secret coding designed to target vital sites, facilities, routes and resources for military confiscation during a National Emergency. Though, concealed by the lies of the Department of Transportation for many years”. Right … it starts sounding a little more ominous when you add: “Secretly embedded codes like these [pictures on his website] are part of "Operation Garden Plot" where U.S. forces/National Guard and *Partnership* NATO/UN military will police and patrol our streets and highways during MARTIAL LAW.” He even found the name for the campaign. He doesn’t tell us where, as far as I can see, but I think I’m able to guess.

Oh, he does have proof – meaning proof that there exist official emergency measures in case of nuclear attacks. That’s hardly a secret. However, he doesn’t need any further premises confirmed in order to go from that to “The United Nations military has plans to become the cop soldiers of the world. Unknown to the general populace, a "Rapid Deployment" force stands ready to enter U.S. borders at the request of the President of the United States.” Somehow, pictures of reflective marks on roadsigns are supposed to establish that – and that these signs are marking where the military can, apparently at random, confiscate property.

And that’s the first point of this overly paranoid world-picture – the UN is ready to seize your property under any pretext, and these signs supposedly show them what to seize. The second point is that the measures are not there in case of emergency – the government and UN are in a conspiracy to put these plans of confiscating property into action any day now. It’s really all about the dangers of the U.N. and their wicked plans to overthrow the United States of America (and the UN is really evil, as the criminally insane Texe Marrs point out). And then there are passages referring to the Bilderbergers, Kissinger, black helicopters and links to creation science websites. His whole webiste strikes one, in a cute way, of being constructed by a mental health patient who is desperately but not quite successfully trying to appear sane when he tries to convince you that his main worry is a real one.

Harold Green is a “constitutionalist” and a militia guy, providing an interesting glimpse into that paranoid segment of society. He is also a committed rapture-will-come-soon Biblical fundamentalist.

Diagnosis: Thoroughly kooky, and presumably completely harmless on his own. The kind of extreme paranoia he lives under is common enough to be at least worrisome, however.
(ed. note - Unable to locate a photo of the correct Harold Green (it's especially difficult because there is a more famous fictional Harold Green out there, who I presume isn't the same guy), so I've included one of his photos of "coded" signs instead.)

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