Friday, April 11, 2014

#993: Raymond Obomsawin

Though Joseph Chikelue Obi bills himself as the “world’s top expert in nutritional immunomodulation”, and we have some duty to mention him, he is Dublin-based and as such strictly speaking disqualified for an actual entry.

Raymond Obomsawin is largely cut from the same kind of cloth. Obomsawin is a particularly dubiously honest anti-vaccine activist, most famous for his set of graphs for the Vaccine Liberation website purportedly showing that vaccines haven’t helped cure anything since the death rates of several vaccine-preventable diseases, including whooping cough, diptheria, measles, and polio were falling before the vaccines for each disease were introduced (curiously avoiding smallpox, presumably because even he was unable to mangle the data sufficiently for that one). The graphs are so staggeringly dishonestly put together that it is difficult to view it as an honest mistake. The graphs made a significant impact in the denialist community, of course, which – since these people are denialists and not interested in evidence – has continued to use the graphs despite the fact that their flaws and misleadingness were quickly and easily pointed out. Obomsawin himself responded to the glaring faults of his graphs that he had had problems doing the graph correctly in Excel and that he would correct the graphs. He hasn’t. So much for intellectual honesty.

Obomsawin likes to present himself as a scientist – he is a PhD who has produced academically and/or professionally over eighty-five (85) articles, reports, policy documents, presentations, and publications.” But a search reveals only a single published commentary, and he was, as of 2010, engaged with government funding as Senior Researcher relative to establishing a Public Sector Policy on Traditional Medicine in Canada,” which means that he is pushing for support of woo, and not doing science or affiliated with any real research institution at all (and yes, though he seems to be working in Canada, Obomsawin is American).

Apart from his anti-vaccine efforts, Obomsawin seems to have been toying with HIV-denialism and support for Royal Rife. He is also apparently a defender of brave maverick” Andrew Wakefield, which is another good indicator for how well Obomsawin understands intellectual honesty (the support is mutual, by the way).

Diagnosis: Intellectual dishonesty turned into a rather easily deconstructible art form. A bad person, but a frighteningly influential one.


  1. Fear in government. Wake up. This Dr speaks truth.

    1. Fear of reason, logic, and evidence. Wake up. There are lots of people on Earth way smarter than you. With legitimate degrees from real institutions, professional experience, publications, and sense.

  2. This article States a personal opinion not a well rounded persuasive one at that

  3. this article is BS,I've heard this mans lectures and it was all disturbingly true,Yes there are a lot of "loons" out there but this guy is not one of them,sounds to me like whoever is in charge of writing this crap has a an agenda to follow from the dairy and meat councils and who knows what else

  4. this blog needs to take a permanent break

  5. Dr. Raymond Obomsawin is not a loon!
    Wouldn’t a loon be someone who entrusted his health to the third leading cause of death medical industrial complex? Or one who disregarded the many FDA. CDC. Etc. APROVED “lifesaving” Drugs’ that had to be pulled because they were killing too many people. [cough Vioxx’s 60K.dead]
    It is my opinion the modern for profit snake-oil industry misleads the gullible away from real Hippocrates [higher power based] “Let thy food be thy medicine” in favor of a Satan inspired Marxist socialized insurance / medicine control system. The only thing loon’s like Satan & his Marxist friends can bring you is Death!!! I.E. The wages of Sin.
    Good luck. Steve

    1. Ever heard of population control?
      This Dr obomasshat is another rich bastard, that wants to control the masses!
      Simple tell them whatever to get them to stop getting immunized and they’ll die off in the thousands!
      Go ahead believe this loone and I’ll watch you and yours die, with the mass extermination!
      No poison needed!