Wednesday, July 16, 2014

#1122: Richard Schulze

Richard Schulze is an N.D. (short for “not a doctor”), M.H. and – according to his webpage – “one of the FOREMOST Authorities on Natural Healing and Herbal Therapy in the World” [capitalization in the original]. He has operated various clinics and “designed Natural Therapy Programs, which have assisted tens of thousands of People Worldwide to create MIRACLES and REGAIN their Health.” Yes, his webpage – worth a visit – relies primarily on persuasion by random capitalization, it seems. He is also apparently a mainstay over at, where you can read about his ability to cure almost anything or, perhaps more precisely, help patients cure everything (AIDS, colon cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, Alzheimer’s … you name it, Schulze cures it, without bothering with the bureaucratic process of collecting evidence that his methods have actually cured any of these things). In general, Schulze’s screeds contain woefully few references to actual evidence but apparently capitalizing key words for emphasis is supposed to make up for that. They are also replete with misunderstanding and denialism, as exemplified by his denial of the role of genes in cancer.

If his techniques are so powerful, why aren’t they more generally accepted  (“the combination of Herbalism and Naturopathy is highly effective, to put it mildly, and would kick 98% of Allopathy into touch given a level playing field”)? Ah, you didn’t need to ask, did you? “[g]iven a level playing field” is the cue. You see, the playing field isn’t level. In reality, of course, the field is made uneven by the fact that real medicine relies on evidence, accuracy, testing, truth, reason, science and reality. And if those are the criteria, then herbalism and naturopathy are at a disadvantage, given that they have none of those things on their side. Of course, that’s not how Schulze sees it. Instead, there is a conspiracy out there – “[t]o see how the Allopaths suppress the competition: the Richard Shulze page on Wikipedia was deleted by an Allopath.” Therefore he is suppressed and therefore he must be right. Here you can see him explain how he is being suppressed by the government and the FDA in their well-known war on cures. (Here is an interview with the seriously misguided Shane Ellison about that war, for those who are in a masochistic mood.)

“His work in getting the knowledge out there (giving away all the secrets of Herbalism and Naturopathy), and putting his whole body over the parapet puts him in the ‘great man’ category, and they are pretty thin on the ground, but it just shows what one man can do. No longer can Allopaths get into the pulpit and say Herbal and Naturopathic medicine is quackery without being exposed as the true quacks themselves, […] and that is purely down to him, the Truth is well out of the bottle now.” At least you can’t accuse him of modesty or shying away from gibberish.

Diagnosis: Utterly ridiculous crank with the crackpot’s delusions of grandeur. Standard fare, but these are still the kinds of delusions that can lead to some real harm in the world beyond the Internet.


  1. Here's another I forgot, financial shyster Porter Stansberry.

  2. And you also have to do Sophia "Clunkity-clunk" Shafquat of 9/11 Mysteries hilarity.

  3. There is a conspiracy by the FDA to suppress natural medicine and promote pharmaceuticals! There are plenty of things on the side of herbal healing and naturopathy. (It works, no side effects etc) but Big pharma cannot patent and make $ on herbs and god given medicine. Hence their never ending attacks on naturopaths.) Natural medicine DOES threaten Big pharma and the whole medical industry..if people were healthy, they would be fucked and they know would lose $! Most pharmaceutical drugs try there best to chemically match what these herbs and natural remedies can provide but fail miserably. Most every drug deemed "safe and effective" by the FDA is poisen! You think meds having tons of negative side effects to cure or heal is right? Meds that exasperate your condition or cause new conditions is NORMAL?! Do you not see these drug companies being sued and recalled constantly? They know theyre drugs are bad and know the time before people catch on is limited but they dont give a shit cause they've made MILIIONS in the process and pay out a pittance in damages to those most obviously affected and undeniably can prove it was their poisen drug. Some people dont develop problems for years and never make the connection. We live in a society ridden with cancer and disease because of our stupidity and reliance on pharmaceuticals. And believe it or not, there IS a conspiarcy against the people to make us sick..depopulation agenda and NWO...DUH!!! Please do some research and stop being so gullible and ignorant! Poor diet with no focus on nutrition,eating fast food,processed foods,getting vaccines (Almost all conagious disease has been eradicated in all countrys due to improved sanitation and disposal of human waste (ie..toilets, having a place for waste to go) and improved nutrtion...NOT vaccines! But great access to people to mutate dna and apread pandemic whenever the mood hits them! Thats why 3rd world countries despite being "vaccinated" still die from those diseases! Also taking pharmaceuticals puts you right on the medical ferris wheel of being sick and the big medical cartel can profit off your misery. So, please if you still after becoming informed still choose to poisen yourself and remain and an ignorant "sheeple", at least take this misinformation and non sense off the world wide web!

    1. Thank you for your educated response. Couldn't have said it better. The ignorance that prevails is astounding. I have been using Dr. Schulze's protocols and products for over 20 years. I am 62 years old, on no meds and very healthy. Thank you Dr. Schulze!

    2. Great example of shill handles posting rebuttals for the "Dr".

  4. I second that. Thank you for your educated response! The person above must work for the pharmaceutical companies or perhaps be blinded to Gods natural healing remedies. I have been using the Dr Shultz products for over a year now and they have worked miracles. The word of Dr Shultz is spreading quickly through live examples to my friends and family. Thank you for preparing us for how the pharmaceutical companies are brainwashing individuals.