Saturday, September 17, 2016

#1719: Anna Hayes

A.k.a. Ashayana Deane

Anna Hayes is a New Age cult leader. We are not entirely sure about her current whereabouts, but she seems to have moved to Europe in the late 90s after having apparently exhausted the cash flow from her followers in Sarasota. Nor are we entirely sure what kind of religious tenets she is pushing, either, since none of it adds up to anything resembling coherence, but it is some kind of UFO nonsense mixed up with messianic thinking and New Age pseudospirituality – apparently Hayes is some kind of channeller of religious wisdom possessed by aliens (Colleen Johnston, a former UFO cult member who has apparently left the cults but not the metaphysics behind, thinks they are evil and really duping her), in particular those belonging to what she calls the Guardian Alliance, who may or may not be the archangels of some branches of Christian thought – Hayes has apparently even claimed to be Jesus’s half sister. At present she seems to run something called the “Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order”, which appears to be a money-making scheme; we have no idea how many followers she might have. She also used to peddle a version of the 2012 Mayan calendar nonsense.

Under the name “Ashayana Deane” Hayes is the author of the book Voyagers, which sums up her views. Apparently “‘The Guardian Alliance’ is an immense group of beings residing within a myriad of dimensional locations within the Space/Time Matrix,” and they are experts of “Merkaba Mechanics”. According to a critic and rival cultist (I am not quite able to determine what are Hayes’s positions and what are commentaries), Hayes claims that “[t]he ‘fixed’ tailbone Merkaba Field is the mark of the Nibiruian Merkaba-Reversal that keeps the physical body literally locked into its present time vector and unable to achiever Star Gate passage –  another of several other ‘little secrets that Thoth and his friends conveniently forgot to mention to their human ‘students.’ Most of the humans who have fallen into using or teaching the Nibiruian Reverse-Merkaba have been covertly ‘set up’ by the Thoth-Enki-Zephelium or Alpha-Omega Templar Melchizedek Anunnaki races to propagate this Base-11 Reverse Merkaba perversion. Most, but not all, human teachers of Merkaba do not realize that they have been deceived in this way, and are not intentionally bringing harm to their students; the teachers themselves are being victimized and deceived by Fallen Angelic contacts.” You know. That.

But perhaps it’s the critic who is confused? Well, here is a sample from Hayes herself (you can read the complete passage here; I just quote the opening paragraphs): “The Anunnaki/Draco try to make it look like Earth was formed from Maldak (the Nibiru BATTLESTAR was formed from it, not Earth.) They try to make it look like they did us a favor by taking cave men and making them human. [Neanderthal etc came after the original Humans not before as evolution would have it]. A total lie aimed at hiding the TRUE human heritage of the 12-strand Turaneusiam. They have 10-strand DNA and DO NOT want us to realize we have the 12 potential superior to theirs. What they DID do was mutate the human Cloister strains, tainting the race pool and hybridizing the Low Belil and Black Sun human gene codes into the lineage, which was NOT a part of the intended human evolution plan. Sharks in Sheep Clothing. They are trying to make it look like the Anunnaki were the Original Lyrans, when in fact the Sirian Anuhazi and their human-hybrids Oraphim Emerald Order were the pure Lyran strains, the Anunnaki were ‘fallen’ Anuhazi that crossed with Drakonian from Orion and were mutated into the 10-strand reptilian imprint.” Okay … (Is it worth taking note of the references to “tainting the race pool” and the notion of “superior” DNAs?)

There is also mind-control and suchlike. Apparently the Anunnaki are trying to exploit us (apparently they “and their manipulations were responsible for the original ‘fall of man’. The Turaneusiam cataclysm 550 million years ago on Tara”), and Neanderthals (mentioned in the previous quote) is a conspiracy: The Anunnaki “always try to make it look like WE started out as the ‘cave men’, but in truth those pathetic hominid forms were Anunnaki mutation experiments made from distorting the original human DNA imprint.” Biological evolution is an Annunaki-created myth, too: “It is simply the nature of the polarity game as it manifests in the lower 3 harmonics. There are hidden ulterior motives of evolutionary hi-jacking. They are using the LIE that have used with our race for 200,000+ years, that they made us from animals and are thus are our forefathers and ‘gods’.” And so on.

Diagnosis: One can’t quite shake the feeling that she might be trolling her followers. Little of what she says rises above stream-of-consciousness gibberish and time-cubing.


  1. After THAT MUCH "Word Salad", I'm full!
    Of course, she's full of it, too, but she's full of something else, something that shouldn't be mentioned in polite company!

  2. Ur probably a disinformation fed, or you haven't begun to understand Keylontic Sciences. Keep digging. Turn within.

  3. Well you should look more into Keylontic sciences before you start calling people cult leaders. I do agree this info should all be free and much of it is, and you don't need these techniques either, but I'm assuming you do little to non path work, nor follow your own discernment outside of your conformed box of reality.... Or you are a disinfo agent...

  4. Many things are misinformation. "Channeller" for starters. E'Asha does not channel as it can damage her DNA (or yours if you try to channel).
    And I second the previous commenter. If you don't know the whole thing, then don't spray your bitter spit online.
    As for the money making, she does need money to live and maintain her business, just like anyone else on this planet at this time.
    As we know there are beings who don't want people to know the information and techniques she's teaching. If your comprehension capability is not advanced enough, you cannot understand anything really. Many people (incl. myself) have personally seen and felt beyond this physical reality field, and it has nothing to do with taking weird drugs or manipulations. And the bottom line is that she has never harmed anyone, and none of her information and techniques cause harm to anyone.
    So, before you speak, try to understand multidimensional energy dynamics and Keylontic Science.