Thursday, December 7, 2017

#1934: Glenn A. Marsch

Glenn A. Marsch is an Associate Professor of Physics, Grove City College, and signatory to the Discovery Institute’s bankrupt petition A Scientific Dissent from Darwinism. Unlike a large number of those signatories, Marsch has actually done some real scientific research, though it is, of course, unrelated to the theory of evolution

Marsch claims that liberals are as anti-science as young-earth creationists (Marsch does reject young-earth creationism) because of their adherence to the pagan religion of environmentalism. Marsch himself is sympathetic to global warming denialism and enthusiastic about the possible beneficial health effects of radiation hormesis. And since people who reject science for non-scientific reasons might have some difficulties establishing a reputable scientific career, Marsch also claims that scientists with a Christian worldview are persecuted, because being a denialist is apparently a religious creed.

Diagnosis: A relatively minor figure, perhaps, but he did sign the Discovery Institute petition (while presumably understanding what it aimed to achieve), which is sufficient for qualifying as a loon and meriting a mention here. It doesn’t help his case that Marsch has at least toyed with a range of other anti-scientific ideas as well.

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