Friday, August 21, 2020

#2373: Bertha Veronneau

So this is pretty obscure. We have no idea where Bertha Veronneau currently is, whether she is American, or whether she’s even alive. But the lunatic idiocy she represents is just too good to pass over. “Dr.” Veronneau, D.D.,D.Sc. (those credentials go for around $30 online at present, we believe) is one of those alternative medicine promoters who doesn’t really belong to any particular school of nonsense but instead imagines her way to whatever she wants as she goes along. And if you for instance should happen to wonder whether any of her claims has even the most tenuous anchoring in science, evidence or reality, you should be aware that, to the extent that Veronneau has even heard of science, it would all be wrong anyways.  

Science textbooks, for instance, would never tell you that the heart has seven ventricles and pumps air, or that if you look at molecules through a microscope you can not only see them but observe that they have little red, blue and black dots in them (the black dots are metals), as suggested by the toy models you might have seen (“[r]emember there are two levels of all minerals, a higher which is always of vegetable origin, and the lower mineral, which is foreign to the human body, usually coming right out of the ground,” says Veronneau, and it’s the latter that a microscope will be useful to identify; moreover, “[a] chromosome is identified from a molecule by having a thicker membrane,” and “[i]f we lose chromosomes [there seem to be six of them], then we have a form of cancer”). Nor will medicine textbooks tell you that the liver chews things and sends kelp or alfalfa to the thyroid gland and penicillin to the salivary glands (here is Veronneau on how the heart works). There is just so much that simply isn’t there in the textbooks. It is probably a conspiracy.


As for her medical advice? Well, here’s a sample: “At this time of life of the intelligence of the Cosmos, we understand the Molecule (Ion, atom) to be the basis of all chemical substance, A chemical substance can be a monad, or a kenetic grouping. A determination of the quality of the substance is determined by the molecule as seen in the microscope. Is it of the human body, or is it toxic to the human body? This is important to know. Are we consuming foods and medicines, or applying lotions to our bodies that might cause deterioration. When a product has a side effect it is destroying something in your physical self. We need to learn to renew our bodies... rebuild. You cannot rebuild the body with toxic substance.” What really boggles the mind is that she apparently has followers who believe she’s onto something.


As for genes, “we have twenty-four,” and they “are different in appearance from a molecule, or chromosome, in that they do not have any sections, but in normal status are circular with a central dot.” And the “twenty-four genes, coming from our parenting, are accounted for in this manner: twelve male parentage and twelve female parentage; six of the twelve are from the father, plus three are from his father, and three from his mother; six are from the mother of the child, plus three from her mother, and three from her father.” You could, of course, try to read that passage again to identify the great insight, but it would probably be pointless with a limited brain like yours. You can read more of Veronneau’s insights about the DNA of blood here (recommended).


Diagnosis: We’re genuinely happy that there are people like Bertha Veronneau around. Keep in mind, though, that the distinction between her advice and the advice at, say, GreenMedInfo, is primarily a matter of eloquence.


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