Tuesday, May 24, 2011

#211: Les Kinsolving

Charles Lester Kinsolving is a political talk radio host, currently heard on WCBM in Baltimore. Also a White House correspondent for birfer pandering, and an exceptionally delusional WorldNetDaily contributor (he is also an Anglican Church minister and, to his favor, one of the early vocal critics of Jim Jones back in the seventies, for which he was heavily criticized). He is perhaps most famous for his vocal criticism of gay rights organizations, which he calls “the sodomy lobby”. In all fairness, he has made some intelligent reports in his time, and is liberal for a conservative (he is pro-choice and against the death penalty, and as a priest he has denied the existence of hell and virgin births), and has had an interesting career (he also played General Barksdale in the movies “Gettysburg” and “Gods and Generals”). His association with WorldNetDaily has, however, not exactly put him in a positive light. He is famous as a completely crazy but somewhat charming correspondent who has pestered every Presidential spokesperson from Nixon and onwards with the most bizarre questions, and is a well-known maverick (joke) among other correspondents.

His anti-gay screeds are consistently unconcerned with accuracy. He is also clinically unable to understand why some of the usual slippery slope fallacies are fallacies. That is, he really, really doesn’t get it, and has gone on and on and on about how recognizing gay rights must, I say must, mean recognizing the rights of child molesters to molest whoever they want, and has done so for years and years.

Kinsolving is a hero among the birfer movement who has repeatedly asked Obama (or his staff) about comments on the fact that he is an illegal, muslim alien. He is also prone to typical theocratic distortions regarding most positions he disagrees with.

Diagnosis: Typical village idiot for whom you can’t really help but have a certain ounce of sympathy. He’s something of a legend, but it is doubtful that he has a lot of direct followers (few people but Kinsolving seem to combine pro-choice, birfer conspiracies and virulent, religiously fanatic anti-gay campaigns).


  1. He seems completely baffled by the idea that people should be treated equally. But then Kinsolving didn't rise to fame for his ability to think.

  2. And here's Kinsolving being so wingnut rightwing that he becomes fully indistinguishable from Stalin and Mao.

  3. I have known "LES" for over 50 years, you will be lucky to even DROOL at that age, let alone be on talk radio, and have the public persona, career this man has had, better to be wingnut than a total zero like you..

    1. the man has earned a certain amount of respect at 88 years of age, I knew him as a young man, and still respect him, but dont always agree with him. A National institution, and worthy of respect...

  4. I guess you havent studied Stalins actions, very much, a comparison is assinine, you should have completed at least the 6th grade, as a teacher I would have given you a failing grade, Kenneth Karr Woods

  5. I have known LES since 1960, Pasco, Washington,when he was pastor of Episcipal Church on Court street, have always found him to be honorable, smart, and not be able to be intimidated by Bozos, I have not always agreed with this man, but have always found him to be interesting, a credit to the public, and most of all, a gentelman who will be remembered for his opinions and for his basic human values..