Thursday, January 17, 2013

#378: Albert Stubblebine & Rima Laibow

Albert "Bert" N. Stubblebine III is a retired Major General in the United States Army with an interest in parapsychology. In fact, he is a proponent of psychic warfare, and was himself involved in MKULTRA and U.S. military projects to create “a breed of 'super soldier'” who would “have the ability to become invisible at will and to walk through walls”. Stubblebine was apparently among the people who tried to walk through walls without noticeable success. In fact, Stubblebine was responsible for getting loads of money poured into what he claimed to be reasonable projects. He is currently heartily insane, but seems to have been batshit crazy even before he tried to walk through walls. For instance, he gave a “Lecture on Remote Viewing as a Research Tool” at the International Symposium on UFO Research in 1982 (you can find it here: “Technical Remote Viewing is the trained ability to acquire accurate direct knowledge of things and events – targets – distant in time or space, in the past, present, or future, while conscious awareness remains totally ‘blind’ to details about the target itself”). He is known to have arranged numerous “spoon-bending parties” (think Uri Geller). After an incident involving an officer who had a “psychotic episode” at the Monroe Institute, however, Stubblebine resigned as head of Army intelligence.

At least it got him a prominent place in the book (later movie) “Men Who Stare at Goats”. The title of the book comes from one of the talents Stubblebine hoped to inculcate in his “Warrior Monks”: the ability to kill goats by staring at them.

Stubblebine reappeared in the 2006 conspiracy flick “One Nation Under Siege” where he stated that a Boeing 757 airplane could not have crashed into The Pentagon 9/11. It is not clear that Stubblebine ability to judge whether something “could have taken place” is entirely to be trusted, however.

Stubblebine is also president of the Natural Solutions Foundation (which employed, among others, Thomas Cowles), which lobbies to establish legislation to limit the authority of the FDA to regulate herbal medicines. Natural Solutions Foundation was founded in 2005 by Stubblebine and Rima E. Laibow, a psychiatrist, who is still the Medical Director as well as Bert’s wife. In 2001 Laibow and colleagues established the Neurotherapy and Biofeedback Certification Board (NBCB) by combining the Biofeedback, Neuropathy, and Peak Performance Certification Boards. Laibow is the current President. They also have ties to the UFO movement.

Diagnosis: I guess one could make an argument that the world needs hapless, elderly men called “Albert Stubblebine” who are constantly befuddled by their failure to walk through solid walls – if for no other reason then at least in order to validate drunk-written children’s books. I'm not sure it would excuse their involvement in the Natural Solutions Foundation, however.


  1. WOW this material was both selective and one side in its objective approach.
    I suppose every other country who DID invest money into such programs, specifically Russia, with an existing paper trial for those willing to acknowledge such facts within their peripheral view when considering such ideas?

    Leading the theories with the evidence not the other away around?
    Unless this is intentionally financed and promoted to be disinformation, hoping a scoffing ridicule that is based in general ignorance, not understanding the actual existing scientific applications being investigated, curtsy of nifty things like Quantum Physics, you can make any suggestion that seems hoaxy if twisted in the right context, for the right uninformed audience?

    Curious what's your ease to wrap explanation for the Dyaltov Pass Incident? Project Paper Clip? The success of Loose Lips sink ships? Military usage and creation of the term FOO FIGHTERS? Hey! How did those Nazi's go from steam engines and barely electricity curtsy of the guy who was erased from history book, Nikola Telsa, with no scale of progress from trial and error? Right after the golden age of archaeology?

    Curious, Wiseman or fool?

  2. Major General Albert (Bert) N. Stubblebine III (U.S. Army, Retired) graduated from The United States Military Academy (West Point) in 1952, and served in the US Army for 32 years. Starting his career as an Armor officer, he subsequently rose through the ranks to lead troops at every echelon of Army command, and held several senior posts in US Army Intelligence. His commands as a General Officer included the US Army Intelligence Center and School, the Army's Electronic Research and Development Command (ERADCOM) and the US Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM). Whilst on active duty Stubblebine also redesigned the intelligence architecture of the United States Army, and restructured the Army Intelligence training curriculum. After his retirement from the Army in 1984 he served until 1990 as the Vice President for Intelligence Systems at BDM Corporation, a private defense sector contractor, and then acted as a part-time consultant to two government contractors; ERIM, and Space Applications Corporation (SAC).

    If this man is a 'loon' then what does that make the people that put him in charge of military intelligence?

    (I can only hope that one day I manage to achieve such a successful career and an equally high level of lunacy!)

    1. "If this man is a 'loon' then what does that make the people that put him in charge of military intelligence?"

      Some often think "military intelligence" is an oxymoron.

      My dad retired from the Army about forty years ago. He had some loony ideas about pseudoscience then, and they are worse now. It doesn't help that he keeps Fox News on every hour of the day.

      A military career does not always equate to critical thinking, science or math skills. I say this because as a former engineer who did some sound vibration analysis it was a quite painful experience to explain how the logarithmic behavior of decibels worked --- I failed, and my dad still thinks they are linear (I definitely got my math skills from my mother, who explained different number systems to me in fifth grade, and she was an artist!).

      He is almost 90 years old, so he is no longer dealing with any foreign military powers (as a linguist who could speak several languages he did intelligence, most of it was listening to radio chatter).

      If you are ever near Tucson, AZ take a few hour detour southeast to Ft. Huachuca. It has two very interesting museums. One includes the Buffalo Soldiers, and the other is the Military Intelligence Museum.

      Oddly enough most of it has to do with the equipment and techniques of the Signal Corps (radio, radio towers, computer communication), which also has a large presence there (and other things, we just happened to tour with someone who had been in the Signal Corps). Funny how that works. (apparently a whole better than "remote viewing")

  3. "If this man is a 'loon' then what does that make the people that put him in charge of military intelligence?"

    Good question. What were they thinking?

    However, he did retire 30 years ago and it might be safe to assume that all those attempts to walk through walls and be invisible were not good for a grip on reality.

  4. I worked for MG Stubblebine and met him quite a few times. I listened to him speak and participated in some of his programs. He was definitely "out there" on some of his thinking, but it wasn't from being loony, but from being able to think on a different plane than most of us are capable. He was very smart and a very capable leader. He was asked to retire because of the officer who had the "psychotic episode" during some training for one of the programs. The "optics" were bad for the Army, although that wasn't what they called it then. I had a great deal of respect for MG Stubblebine, and still do.

  5. He's not a loon. the only reason he is being called a loon is because he knows the official story of 9-11 is a lie. They call anyone who knows a loon.

    1. And what do you say to a person who SAW the plane crash into the Pentagon and watched the mountain of black smoke rise up from it when the plane fuel was burning? I saw it from an 8th floor office building that has glass walls. Thousands of Washington DC and Virginia workers saw either the strike or the aftermath. I can name no less than 28 witnesses who watched it with me and 3 who worked at the Pentagon and lived to tell about it. Seeing the ass-end of a plane sticking out of your building as you evacuate is not something you forget!

    2. you saw the ass end of a plane sticking out of what building? the pentagon? bc the official footage from the pentagon doesnt even show that.

    3. There was no plane, I do not even think there was a missile but just a plain old explosion that they thought no one would question being a plane.

  6. a...the guy tried to walk through walls, move clouds with his brain....and used tax payer money

  7. This man's ideas are a bit far out - but he doesn't have the long-term record of being either a quack or a loon.
    There may be a lot of top-secret and classified government/military information about alternative energies/systems that he is unable to reveal openly.
    I wouldn't write him off too quickly.

  8. I wouldn't write off this man's opinions and experiences too quickly.
    I suspect he knows a lot of top-secret/classified government/military information.

  9. Fascinating, inasmuch as Army Intelligence reinstated the use of "telepathic communication" in about 1985 jointly with NSA. The program has been classified ever since. The technique in use has been delineated under the Nom.Des Plumes "Biological Carrier Wave" Intel (BCWINT) and NSA Director Keith Alexander argued to The Intel.Committees that it should be the sole province of the NSA, as it is a communications technology. Obviously Gen Alexander was interested in the budget dollars... And, no, it does not use hardware implants!

  10. The reason no one actually saw a plane is that there were none. It wasn't even a missile, it was an explosion that put the whole in the pentagon. Stubblebine was right and the reason no one killed him off to keep him quiet is because they are hoping everyone will think he is just crazy.