Monday, January 28, 2013

#397: Wes Vernon

We’ve already covered several of the writers for RenewAmerica, and Wes Vernon may count as one of their most unhinged, rabidly delusional and ignorant denialists yet. Vernon is a thorough fan of Ann Coulter, and in particular Coulter’s approach to science. Thus, he has no time for (or understanding of) evolution, arguing that “[o]ne by one, so-called ‘proofs’ of evolution has melted under honest scrutiny” (which is wrong at more than one level). That claim is not particularly substantial either, so let us see if we can find something that displays Vernon’s profound understanding of the matter. This one is revealing: “The entire fossil record shows a very non-Darwinian progression, noticeably lacking the vast number of transitional species we ought to see.” Therefore, Vernon argues, schoolchildren should not be indoctrinated with Darwin. The screed in question is so entirely devoid of connection to reality and science and understanding that it touches on Ray Comfort territory; it is discussed here.

Vernon, as part of his global warming denialism, is also a central proponent of the weird Maurice Strong conspiracy theory. His take involves Gorbachev as well, though its content is, shall we say, garbled.

At least Vernon has had the guts to broach the thorny issue of how “communist liar” Howard Zinn has been “poisoning YOUR kids’ minds” (google it; I don’t link to RenewAmerica). You are also invited to read about Vernon’s discussion of the fact (which the government doesn’t want you to know) that the US is at war with Mexico. He has (of course) claimed that Obama is a communist and is, more interestingly, known as a staunch defender of McCarthyism.

Diagnosis: Nothing new here, really – just standard insanity from a clown who is unable to distinguish communism from reasonability and reality from paranoid imagination.

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