Tuesday, July 9, 2013

#625: Maxine Dietrich

A.k.a. Andrea Herrington (real name)

Maxine Dietrich is the founder of Joy of Satan, which is a noe-nazi satanic UFO cult, and yes, you read that right (the website is here), and off we go. According to Dietrich, her brand of spiritual Satanism differs from other religions in that everything can apparently be explained scientifically, including the astral plane, our souls, telepathy, magic experiences, and the very real, anthropomorphic deity she worships (Satan is not “evil”; “good” and “evil” are “nothing more than cultural concepts; Satan transcends this,” which, though it is a feeble attempt at postmodern relativism, makes no real sense). How does science explain her religion? “Our limited understanding of Quantum Physics has revealed a bit about the human soul.”

Ah, I see.

“How”, you may ask – though you probably won’t, since you probably suspect that you won’t get a particularly informative answer. Anyways, here goes Dietrich”s scientific, quantum explanation of it all: According to Dietrich “Kirlian Photography” reveals “the fact that we have an aura. Kirlian photography is a specialized form of photography, along the same lines as x-ray imaging.” I don’t suppose it really surprised you that Dietrich would be unable to distinguish science from incoherent woo, or distinguish scientific evidence from idle speculation (there is also this)?

Furthermore, according to Dietrich, “the U.S. Government and other world powers are well aware of this ability within humans and the reality of psychic warfare, though they keep much of this from the public.” The Catholic Church, for instance, is a Jewish conspiracy – according to Dietrich, all of their leaders are really Jews, and aliens are behind Christianity – in particular, Christianitly was instigated by a group she refers to as “the Intergalactic Federation (IGF)” (these guys – they don’t seem very nice). Christianity itself was their program “for the destruction of Aryan peoples”. Furthermore “Satan and the Original Gods are from Orion. The IGF is at war with Orion.” I guess that explains a lot. Poor Orion.

I think I’ll let readers rummage through that webpage for themselves (this quote is telling). Its crazy is fascinating in a Gene Ray-sense. It is admittedly hard to find any reliable information about the size of Dietrich’s church or the extent of her brand of theistic satanism, but it doesn’t seem to be too influential.

Dietrich’s husband, Clifford Herrington, used to be the leader of the National Socialist Movement. The connection between Herrington and satanism has at least made Hal Turner uncomfortable, but then Turner was an uncomfortable man to begin with.

Diagnosis: Fascinating, though her webpage design really gives her away from the start.


  1. And of what faith are you? -Ave Satanas

  2. Why would she hate people to question her if she allows freedom? If she hates the Jewish/Christian god which is the one that does not want to be questioned.

    I have an answer to why the Jews are psychic vampires. They don't have a great chakra system like us. They lack a lot of chakras right here: https://www.google.com.ph/search?q=Jewish+map+of+the+soul&rlz=1C9BKJA_enPH594PH594&oq=Jewish+map+of+the+soul&aqs=chrome..69i57j69i61j0l3j69i60.5383j0j7&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8&hl=en-US#imgrc=gTdagWe4A_u-9M%3A

  3. It is not easy to call Maxine a crazy person or someone who goes out for children and predates on their minds if there is an adult group or that her dedication page tells us about drawing blood. I know that there is no blood sacrifice and of course, like hospitals, you have to sacrifice through a bit of pain to get better like taking dextrose into your veins if you are sick. Also, the "orgasmic energy" she's talking about is just electrical pulses of thoughts in your brain causing your brain to heat up, thus giving you slight pressure on your head. It somewhat works like a pulse gun where all at once the energy goes into what you focus it on. If you know what it is to be horny, it is a heating sensation and of course, energy produces heat; look more at bio electricity.

    And about nazism'n relations to satanism; Go search for Adolf hitler' party ID card.

    "555 is RA the fifth rune. RA means darkness in Sanskrit. Which is what 555 is called in gematria which was stolen from the Greeks [even the word is Greek]. The black sun. The black sun symbol is just the Zodiac wheel with the lighting emanating from the center point the RA. In fact the entire black sun is nothing but the circle with the dot in the center. Which is the symbol of god in the Aryan mysteries and the symbol of the Black Sun was called RA by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Vedic's. The Radius of the circle is Ra deus, God RA. The god of the hidden or black sun is RA. And in Hebrew RA means "evil".

    The symbol of the circle with the dot is the glyph of the sun and the symbol of the gold in the work. This symbol was given to Osiris whom the Egyptians called Lucifer. The Black Sun is also shown as the Oroboros serpent, the symbol of the Magum Opus in Hermetic doctrine.

    RA is fire, the element of the sun and its by RA, spiritual fire the soul is made perfect in Hermetic doctrine. Its by fire that matter is transformed to spiritus. The Black sun is the symbol of the 12 signs of the Zodiac which make up the body of the god the head starts at Aries to the feet Pisces, which the sun, RA journeys thought purifying the soul. This is the Atum of the Egyptians who they also called Lucifer, the Morning star. The Black sun also relates to the zodiac wheel the stars of the constellations shining in the night sky. Showing the path to immorality. The Egyptians and other Aryans were stellar worshippers, the night sky. Which makes the body of Sophia/Lucifer. This is why ancient Temples were made to resemble the night sky.

    That is why the Jera rune means year. Year in ancient Germanic was Jeram. Its the start of the year when Ra the sun is in Aries. This is why this rune gets 12 the 12 signs of the zodiac. Aries is the Ram.

    The black sun is called the womb of generation its the Vesica Pisces which is the center of the zodiac, the sun that the reborn soul emerges from. The Vesia Pisces was shown circled by the 12 signs of the zodiac and in general in the middle of the signs of the four corners of the zodiac. The spiritual sun purified.

    555 is the number of Venus, who is Lucifer, the Black Sun. Venus, Lucifer is shown as the Pentagram. The symbol of the fire of spirit perfecting matter, the Agathos Demonia [good serpent] the title of Dionysus-Lucifer. The Aryan god which is shown as the serpent, Satan. Which transforms the elements of the soul to gold, to luminous spirit.

    Himmler had the Black Sun put into the SS castle at Wewelsburg. SS is well know to have the esoteric meaning of Schwarz Sonne, Black Sun. Its no mistake Himmler personally ordered Otto Rahn to write his book "Lucifer's Court".

    For those in the know this was the same as waving a neon sign in people's faces. 555=Satan." -Mageson666

    I have one question for you, have you even dedicated before? Because if you did, you wouldn't be in that problem.

  4. her blog has extremely useful and accurate information about pagan gods and magicks. for that end i use it as a research platform

  5. The most ironic thing about the group is they speak about it being an "individual path" and that anyone claiming to be the "chosen" are corrupt and abusing power. Watch how they act. They try carefully to cover their own asses but they call themselves the chosen and often refer to themselves as "the clergy." There is no "church" to run. It's an outdated html website that any amateur developer could create. It is a throwback to the days of geocities. What else is there to run as "clergy?" A messageboard with an admin panel no more complicated than a yahoo group.

    A group about freedom heavily, HEAVILY, censor even their own followers. One rule will always hold true and it is that truth holds up to scrutiny. Always. Lies fall but truth will always remain. So why hide? Why censor? Why do they hold themselves up as the chosen ones that are not to be questioned. Everything is to be questioned as that is the only way to truth. EVERYONE and anyone that tells you, "it's ok. Don't question us. We're telling the truth" is selling you something and more times than not, wrong.

  6. Haha trying to defend insanity simply renders you the same? Who decides what is sane, you might ask. Have a look at her webpage design and her conception of science, I reply.

  7. I'm writing about pseudo Satanism. Do you have any sources talking about how she be arrested? Send me to Trevizoli.windson@gmail.com

  8. Yeah, no doubt... That's the one thing that really had me not feeling right... As if the things the JoS were saying didn't add up. I agree with a lot of their material on the Jews, meditation, and even the powers of the mind and soul, but the whole basis of their Satanic truth which is Satan creating humanity, causing a war in doing so, losing the war because he was outnumbered, then having parts of his soul stripped from him and then enslaved, and then some fat woman (whom is also white trash) comes along and frees him out of bondage through sex magick... Lol, where were the enemy angels at this time? Wouldn't Satan and his demons be considered a high threat...? Treated no different from high leveled terrorists and criminals at supermax prisons...!? Where were these angels at the time that Maxine was freeing very important demons? It just doesn't add up, and I'm honestly surprised that no one even questions this story... Not one little bit. It is even rumored that Mageson666(Don Danko, or aka Slothstein) is Jewish... HoodedCobra has also been suspected as being a Jew for a longgggg time as well. I know one thing for certain though... Their gods don't help people with shit either. I made that dedication... Needed help in life BIG TIME, and never got it... Maxine even goes onto say that they (the "Gods") meet one more than half way, once they do make that dedication... That is complete and utter bullshit.

  9. Andrea M Dietrich aka Maxine Dietrich is dead. She passed away sometime last year.

    Source: https://www.searchpeoplefree.com/find/andrea-m-dietrich/12DSTebaUyJd

  10. This dumb ***** continues to spam Yahoo! Answers with her Satanic Nazi trash. I am using this article and the one about her husband to try to run her off.

  11. Don't waste your time, room temperature IQs

  12. lol!
    I find it laughable that people say "it's not really satanism", from liberal minded agnostics.
    It's basically the "not real christianity" stuff others say.
    The "The Temple of Satan" kind of satanism is inspired by an actually newer version of satanism than the stuff that inspired "JoS".

    You could maybe say "non-typical", but technically most satanism is non-typical.

    Better would be "not like most typical, long held organized and codified satanism".
    But I do get the point of these people.

    I find laughable that JoS thinks satan is pre-abrahamic, last time I checked, nothing remotely sounding like satan plays any role in ancient middle eastern religion.

  13. the real loon is writer of this crap :))