Tuesday, July 9, 2013

#625: Maxine Dietrich

A.k.a. Andrea Herrington (real name)

Maxine Dietrich is the founder of Joy of Satan, which is a noe-nazi satanic UFO cult, and yes, you read that right (the website is here), and off we go. According to Dietrich, her brand of spiritual Satanism differs from other religions in that everything can apparently be explained scientifically, including the astral plane, our souls, telepathy, magic experiences, and the very real, anthropomorphic deity she worships (Satan is not “evil”; “good” and “evil” are “nothing more than cultural concepts; Satan transcends this,” which, though it is a feeble attempt at postmodern relativism, makes no real sense). How does science explain her religion? “Our limited understanding of Quantum Physics has revealed a bit about the human soul.”

Ah, I see.

“How”, you may ask – though you probably won’t, since you probably suspect that you won’t get a particularly informative answer. Anyways, here goes Dietrich”s scientific, quantum explanation of it all: According to Dietrich “Kirlian Photography” reveals “the fact that we have an aura. Kirlian photography is a specialized form of photography, along the same lines as x-ray imaging.” I don’t suppose it really surprised you that Dietrich would be unable to distinguish science from incoherent woo, or distinguish scientific evidence from idle speculation (there is also this)?

Furthermore, according to Dietrich, “the U.S. Government and other world powers are well aware of this ability within humans and the reality of psychic warfare, though they keep much of this from the public.” The Catholic Church, for instance, is a Jewish conspiracy – according to Dietrich, all of their leaders are really Jews, and aliens are behind Christianity – in particular, Christianitly was instigated by a group she refers to as “the Intergalactic Federation (IGF)” (these guys – they don’t seem very nice). Christianity itself was their program “for the destruction of Aryan peoples”. Furthermore “Satan and the Original Gods are from Orion. The IGF is at war with Orion.” I guess that explains a lot. Poor Orion.

I think I’ll let readers rummage through that webpage for themselves (this quote is telling). Its crazy is fascinating in a Gene Ray-sense. It is admittedly hard to find any reliable information about the size of Dietrich’s church or the extent of her brand of theistic satanism, but it doesn’t seem to be too influential.

Dietrich’s husband, Clifford Herrington, used to be the leader of the National Socialist Movement. The connection between Herrington and satanism has at least made Hal Turner uncomfortable, but then Turner was an uncomfortable man to begin with.

Diagnosis: Fascinating, though her webpage design really gives her away from the start.


  1. Yes you fucking are. Maxine Dietrich isn't her real name, for god's sake. Her real name is Andrea Herrington. She's nearly been arrested several times for participating in child abuse with teenagers she convinced to join JoS under the pretenses of "releasing orgasmic energy into the chakras". She predates on the young and impressionable, brainwashing them. I was in the Yahoo Group for six years. Eventually I got ripped to shit by a mob of Andrea's most devoted followers, called a filthy kike and then chucked out all because I simply questioned whether Jews really were psychic vampires. See, she had me extradited and banned because she doesn't want people to question her so the one day she gives the order to carry out a mass extinction of the Jews her legion of impressionable, brainwashed teens will do it for her without a second thought. Sounds an awful lot like Nazism, doesn't it? Maybe you as an individual don't consider yourself to be a Nazi, which is a good thing. But the group you affiliate yourself with is undoubtedly a Neo-Nazi group and one day they will mess you up. They're dangerous people to be around, trust me. Google "Andrea Herrington" and you'll find tons of evidence that firstly she's not who she says she is, secondly that she is a mild felon with a history of child abuse and thirdly that she is an active Neo-Nazi with links to the National Socialist Movement.

    I urge you to take your SS elsewhere, you can still do SS without JoS. SS is about spiritual empowerment, not hating Jews and reciting regurgitated Buddhist prayers (all her material is stolen from other religions and mashed up with some pseudo-science. Nothing she talks about is proven or scientifically backed).

    If you choose to leave JoS, help me spread the word and to help the other members see the true Maxine and what she really is. She has lied to you and betrayed you, and all the other members. She uses scare tactics and threats to keep you under her thumb, exactly where she wants you.

    Think about that.

  2. And of what faith are you? -Ave Satanas