Wednesday, July 10, 2013

#627: Joseph "Joe" Dispenza

Joseph Dispenza is an author of several fluffy New-Age snowflake bullshit self-help books, and is particularly notable for his appearance in the deranged piece of pseudo-science delusion “What the Bleep do we know”. Dispenza, who presents himself as "Dr. Dispenza", is the proud possessor of a “Doctor of Chiropractic degree” from Life University, and currently seems to be in the “miraculous healing” business. He is also a follower of Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment, and has produced several Youtube videos in which he talks about quantum physics the way he sees it, which has nothing to do with quantum physics (Dispenza really doesn’t even have the faintest idea what quantum physics is), but a lot to do with gibberish centered around various ridiculous forms of woo and crackpot spirituality crap.

If you enjoy torturing yourself with fluffy fogbanks of pink-tinged drivel, you may check out his DVD series “Your Immortal Brain,” which allegedly “looks at the ways in which the human brain can be used to create reality through the mastery of thought” – which does not mean anything (alludes to the Secret), but that doesn’t seem to matter much to Dispenza; like quantum physics linguistic meaning appears to be just whatever Dispenza fancies it to be at any given moment.

Diagnosis: Pretentious, delusional puddinghead who is apparently convinced that what he thinks becomes reality in virtue of him thinking it. Otherwise Dispenza doesn’t care too much about reality.


  1. Dispenza is a perfect model for the Dunning Kruger effect. He actually believes that he's a Neuroscientist. I think mental illness is the main criteria when Hay House selects its authors.

  2. A friend recommended the work of this nut. What a glib arrogant man. He appears to believe that he's a neuroscientist and uses this title on his web site. His bio states that he studied Biochemistry at Rutgers, but he doesn't say for how long, one day? One year? Who knows? The only courses he seems to have passed are in Chiropractic and a BS from some Liberal Arts College, which, he claims, an emphasis on neuroscience,whatever that means. This guy is nothing more than a snake oil salesman.

  3. Strange this guy doesn't have a Wikipedia page.

  4. yeah truly this guy, what does he know? I mean 4 doctors told him to get an operation because he had hurt 6 vertebrae very seriously. But you know a guru like him, why should he right? hey for all you know that was 30 years ago, and he did managed to get completely healed, what do YOU GUYS know about anything?

  5. These guys who who say joe dispenza is a loon Obviously Don't Know Anything.Never judge. READ DISPENZA'S books judiciously and tell me if you are not blown away

    1. Have been listening to this guy in my car (audible).... complete BS. He talks about quantum energy and basically uses scientific language to fit his narrative.

      I wanted a book to help me start thinking more positively in the new year after a difficult year. I thought this could be it. After reading the first chapter I can honestly say this guy is indeed mental...

  6. Can’t find any legitimate educational background on this doctor. I don’t suppose there are state exams or licenses for neuro scientists.