Wednesday, July 17, 2013

#632: Thomas Droleskey

Thomas Droleskey is a Catholic theocrat who thinks Pope Benedict was too liberal, and who runs the website Christ or Chaos to talk about it. Droleskey is a sedevacantist, i.e. he he believes that all Popes since the death of Pius XII (1958) have been invalid, since they are not true Catholics because they have been seduced by modernism. In other words, Thomas Droleskey is stark, raving mad.

As an example of his rants, the article discussed here argues that the notion that one should have freedom to express ideas the church doesn’t fancy is heretical and straight from Hell. Thus, Droleskey denounces such notions as “freedom of the press” or “individual freedom” as notions of “liberty” that “ignores the Divinely-instituted right of the Catholic Church to govern men concerning the right use of their human free will” (no, don’t bother about the apparent tension here; such earthly mundanities as coherence are beneath Godly men like Droleskey). The good will of the Church, according to Droleskey, is easily displayed by the fact that “The Church has always taken action to destroy the plague of bad books.” Indeed.

It may be worth mentioning that he believes the separation between Church and State is “a goal of Judeo-Masonry and of multinational corporations to wipe out all references to Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in civil discourse”. Proof? “see Freemasonry and Washington D.C.'s Street Layout.” Ah, yes, that one

Diagnosis: As fanatic, dominionist crypto-nazis go, this one is crazier than most (and that bar is already set relatively high). Probably a negligible threat to civilization, but I would be sure to maintain a safe distance if I ever encountered him in person.


  1. Lunacy!!!

    The non-Loons have been in charge of the Catholic Church since Vatican II and has been in free-fall since; the non-loons control the US government which sanctions moral depravity (abortion, sodomy, etc., etc.), militariluy attacks sovereign countries which pose noe threat to it, and, in so doing, kill (murder) thousands upon thousands of innocent people and feel morally justified which is sheer collective psychopathy. Good show non-loons.

    1. What is also interesting is that Droleskey used to attend baseball games in New York (Yankees?) wearing a Lone Ranger mask. I actually enjoyed his writings in the"Wanderer" but he apparently has gone off the rails.I wrote to him once about this,and he responded by offering me a scapular by mail.