Sunday, August 25, 2013

#678: Glib Fortuna (real name?) and the StACLU

Stop the ACLU (StACLU) is a group of moronic fundies (the structure is unclear; seems to be two semi-competing websites, at least) devoted to fighting the efforts of the ACLU since they view civil rights as a threat to their privileges and ability to suppress others by way of having their religious, political views and bigotry receive special treatment (but, of course and in a typical Orwellian fashion, they frame their campaigns as pro-freedom). You see, the ACLU promotes deviancy – such as equal treatment of gays, blacks, and religious minorities – and that is in opposition to the Bible, and therefore, well, in opposition to the true meaning of “rights”, i.e. the right you have to live in strict accordance with the StACLU people’s views and creeds (and not be a “Bush hating enemy of freedom”). The “organization” is committed to the idea of the US as a Christian Nation (the post discussed here is a nice illustration of what the StACLU is up to), and does not shy away from rank dishonesty (though they may not realize this given their aforementioned Orwellian delusions). This post, penned by someone calling himself/herself bulldozetheaclu, is telling: “I found a NEW way to PROTEST THE LEFT! Number one … what do commies hate most of all? The Bible, God’s Word! So join me in sending NEW TESTAMENTS to Iran … On top of that, in doing so you will be protesting against the Radical Left here in America, who embrace terrorists as freedom fighters, who refer to Islam as the ‘religion of peace’, and make a practice out of persecuting Christians here in America by attacking the very essence of our Christian faith and heritage.” Sums them up their bipartisan defense of freedom and civil rights pretty well, methinks.
Glib Fortuna, whose favorite weapon is the false dichotomy, is, or at least used to be, among their most frequent and avid members, and is responsible for having penned an impressive number of idiotic screeds. Apparently, according to Fortuna, the ACLU is in a conspiracy to undermine the safety of Americans from terrorists, (though he has a less-than-surprising tendency not to get even the facts completely right). The ACLU really loves Fred Phelps as well, according to Fortuna, since they have defended his rights to protest – Fortuna doesn’t quite manage to grasp the distinction between defending someone’s rights and agreeing with them, which sort of explains where he is coming from intellectually.

Diagnosis: We don’t know exactly what Fortuna is up to these days, but at least parts of the organization still exists (one Warner Todd Huston seems particularly active), and although it is a fringe group it still has enough sympathizers that their misunderstandings of “freedom” and “liberty” are at the very least annoying. 

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