Saturday, February 15, 2014

#917: Rod J. Martin

Rod J. Martin is an “independent researcher” and exceptionally deluded creationist. His contribution to the third volume of the Answers Research Journal – the house journal of Answers in Genesis – actually managed to make a bit of a splash in the blogosphere. Titled “A Proposed Bible-Science Perspective on Global Warming”, the article attempts to use Genesis to justify Martin’s global warming denialism. The level of scholarship may be suggested by Martin’s assertion that “[p]roposed secular solutions to the alleged claims of global warming will directly impact everyone who depends on fossil fuels for their current life style. The issue of global warming presents biblical creationists with an opportunity to demonstrate not only the efficacy of Scripture in addressing life’s issues, but also to show how ignoring Scripture leads to unnecessary, expensive, and harmful actions. Global warming is an arena where the battle between biblical truth and evolutionary untruths is currently raging.” Note the nice insertion of “secular”.

What is his evidence? “The earth is huge. We simply do not have a sufficient number of collection points (weather stations) to accurately determine earth’s average surface temperature,” and his claim that “[t]he level of CO2 in our atmosphere could increase over 1,300% before reaching the current mine safety limit […] Today’s atmospheric concentration of CO2 is clearly safe for humans, and will be for over a thousand years at today’s rate of increase,” which is not a point that is particularly relevant to the issue of global warming.

The clincher, however, is his assertion that “CO2 and O2 were created early in the Creation week. Neither of these gases evolved.” Take that, you evolutionary climatologists. “It must be kept in mind that global warming advocates are predominantly evolutionists,” says Martin. Then there are some points about homosexuality, conspiracy theories, and an argument that humans should not be concerned about the environment since God will provide and He never told Adam to protect the Amazon.

The article is discussed in some detail here.

Diagnosis: Not a high-profile figure, but he has at least put his face forward at one point, thereby revealing himself to be so shockingly dense and stupid that it is hard not to stare.

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