Sunday, February 23, 2014

#930: Kevin McCullough

Kevin McCullough is a … madman. He is also a talkshow host and occasional writer for WND, where he voices the opinions you usually expect from madmen who occasionally voice their opinions (mostly blatant lies) in the WND (this one is perhaps particularly tasteless). Among McCullough’s greatest hits is his column “Why liberals channel Lucifer”, which doesn’t really tell us why they channel Lucifer or provide any clear reason to think they do apart from voices (“God!) that McCullough hears in his head. Then there is the ACLU’s War on Christmas. You might not have noticed that one, but McCullough has, because McCullough has a different way of knowing that is independent of facts, evidence, truth or how to properly interpret a situation.

So let’s just move straight to his views on LGTB rights. McCullough was a persistent (rabid) critic of WalMart’s decision to extend pension and healthcare benefits to gay employees, arguing that WalMart is no longer “family friendly” because they sell dish detergent to non-wingnuts (or something). The point is apparently that “radical homosexual activists hate marriage because fundamentally they hate God, and the guilt of both drives them to extremes,” which is how logical connections are made in McCullough’s head. He also thinks their campaigns for marriage equality are crazy: “[I]n the minds of radical activists, getting the label and a piece of paper saying so will be close enough.” Right. The formal designation “marriage” is not what matters here. So, McCullough doesn’t care that much about that designation, then? You betcha.

He has also warned that the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation is a pawn of the Devil, and that he is being “targeted by the Enemy, and I mean the Evil One, I don’t mean human beings but I mean by His forces,” because they criticize him. After all, who would possibly disagree with McCullough without being the Anti-Christ himself? And if you criticize McCullough, what you really want is to kill him and bring about Armageddon. He nevertheless took issue with GLAAD’s use of the term “gay,” because according to McCullough, “I don’t believe that you can be gay.” But they are still the Anti-Christ and want to destroy marriage, “the one institution free society is dependent upon for its survival”, even though – you may have noticed – the marriage equality groups in question are in fact fighting to get married: “[R]adical homosexual activists despise the institution, and more importantly the sanctity, of marriage. That is the fundamental reason why they are seeking to destroy the institution.” All because they hate God. Really.

Diagnosis: Well, we never really got beyond his views on sex. But neither did McCullough himself. The voices in his head keep telling him that society stands or falls on that.


  1. I'm surprised you didn't mention his article on the video game Mass Effect. Even notorious anti-video game crusader Jack Thompson thought he was being ridiculous.

  2. McCullough blames the gays for the Russian invasion of the Ukraine (something about sissification of the US).