Tuesday, February 18, 2014

#921: Mychal Massie

Mychal Massie is the former chairman of the National Leadership Network of Black Conservatives-Project 21 (a D.C. conservative black “think” tank) and (I suppose) media personality. For instance, Massie writes columns for WND, which is, by now, more or less a fusion of InfoWars and Conservapedia with more spam, and as such an environment in which things like Massie would be expected to thrive.

The main topic of Massie’s columns is (nominally) politics, and the level of sophistication is evinced by his argument that Barack and Michelle Obama are pawns of Satan; in other words, there isn’t much discussion of actual issues, apart from Massie assigning views he don’t like epithets such as Satanic or Hitlerian, in order to subsequently dismiss them. It’s a pretty straightforward trick. For instance, Obama’s decision to honor those killed in Afghanistan proves “just how narcissistic he is,” and indeed, that “he was reducing the office, which should have been his ne plus ultra for good – to a sinister darkness that rivaled Erebus himself.” How that conclusion follows? I have no idea, and neither does Massie.

No wonder, then, that you cannot be a Christian and also support Obama: “Black people and black ministers specifically, and pretend-to-be Christians in general, look at the color of Obama’s skin, his swagger, and they swoon, but God looks on the color of Obama’s heart and sees darkness,” says Massie, and people tend to overlook Obama’s power to turn people gay, his “support for murdering unborn children” and “the contamination of our military with the practice of open homosexuality.” How did Obama turn out so evil? According to Massie the president is a lying, communist monster because he was sexually molested as a child … by Frank Marshall Davis. Apparently Davis, a labor rights activist, indoctrinated Obama as part of a Manchurian Candidate scheme, or is even Obama’s real father. Massie admits that he has no evidence whatsoever for these claims, but then again the column was written for WND. It’s not the only time Massie has pushed extensively debunked conspiracy theories involving the Obamas. In fact, according to Massie, it seems, his dislike for the Obamas is all the evidence he needs for claiming that any evil imaginable must be true of them.

A recurring theme in Massie’s columns about politics is godlessness. According to Massie the US is a godless nation, and is, as such, doomed. The spirit of today is (quoting Dennis Fisher) “a satanically inspired system of values and ideas that cultivates a lifestyle that is independent of God,” and the godless humanism of today’s society seem to have replaced the sound advice concerning treatments of slaves and unfaithful wives of the Old Testament with something more, well, humane. Woe us. An example is the godless liberal War on Easter (yes, from the same source that brings you the War on Christmas, every year, and yes – ironically enough – the WND themselves feature articles declaring Easter “evil” and sinful in between Massie’s screeds; so there).

Much of the depravity of modern society perceived by Massie through his lenses of wingnut fundie bigotry is exemplified by the gays (but of course). Accordingly, Massie has called for boycotting the military now that they are no longer supposed to discriminate against gays. And once again, Obama is to a large extent to blame. Indeed, Massie thinks that Obama is actively brainwashing kids, through the public school system, into “believing they are homosexuals” and “emulating street thugs,” since being homosexual and behaving like a street thug are two sides of the same coin. Why Obama would want this and how he is working to achieve it are things left unexplained. Apparently Massie’s views on gay rights is all about tolerance, and he tries to explain how in one of the daftest displays of tortured reasoning ever to appear in print here.

Indeed, Massie isn’t only concerned with gay rights. Any efforts to ensure equal opportunities are just as much of the Antichrist (though ENDAis apparently especially bad). Indeed, Massie has declared that racism is over. Accordingly, Massie thinks that Black History Month should be all about the (mythical) knockout game and anti-white segregation instead. Very true to character, Massie has declared affirmative action to be “hitlerian”, presumably as a reflection of the extraordinary efforts the Nazi regime took to ensure the representation of minorities in positions of influence. Indeed, Massie has argued that, given that racism (except anti-white racism) doesn’t exist, African Americans who work against inequality and discrimination should simply leave the country, and take liberals, socialists and the Obamas with them.” That’s what counts as “insight” over at the WND.

I don’t have a very clear idea what this is about, but Massie doesn’t seem to know either and it doesn’t sound particularly non-lunatic.

Diagnosis: Oh, the burden of supporting your observations with evidence, or your conclusions with arguments. Happily for Massie, he is completely unfettered by such constraints. Complete moron.


  1. What is rather interesting is that many of the people who loudly profess their Christianity and commitment to the Ten Commandments at every available opportunity seem to take every chance they can to violate the commandment against bearing false witness against those they see as their personal and political enemies. Mychal Massie demonstrates this lamentable failing.

  2. I find it interesting that there is NO bio on Massie other than his work with project 21 and his supposed Ministry. What's he hiding?

    1. I second your observation. I have tried, in vain, to learn anything about this guy. I'm not interested in what *he* says about himself; I want a real biography, warts and all, before I'll read another word by him.