Thursday, October 3, 2013

#736: Rebecca Hagelin

Rebecca Hagelin is a conservative author and columnist (e.g. for the WND), and past vice president of the Heritage Foundation (a good resource on the foundation is here. I suppose you guess where this is heading. On Occupy Wall Street, Hagelin claimed that Van Jones orchestrated it, calling him “one of the most radical individuals in American culture today, whose purpose is to overthrow timeless values and our American system of a republic and a democracy.” That tells you little about Jones, but quite a bit about Hagelin, and to color out the remainder she added that Occupy Wall Street is “as dangerous as we think it is” because its goal is “the complete overthrow of the United States constitution.” I guess she is worried that they are not engaging in calm, rational debate over the issues (another example of Hagelin’s reasonableness is here; and this is yet one more). Hagelin supported Santorum in the 2012 Republican primaries, which itself should qualify her for an entry in thie Encyclopedia.

It’s a bit tiring to repeat the nonsense these people have tried to argue about homosexuality by know, but she has at least asserted that gays are “bullies” and “power-mongers,” cautioning that gay rights leads to pedophilia and “chaos.” Indeed, the gay right movement is really a liberal conspiracy to silence her, and blamed the Penn State child abuse scandal on greater approval of homosexuality. “It won't stop at homosexual marriage,” claims Hagelin. “Look for polygamy and marriage between adults and children to be legalized. There is no greater dream for a paedophile than to be able to legally acclaim a child as his lover.” No, she can’t grasp the rather blatant difference. There is a report of an appearance in Australia here, and it is somewhat fascinating to see the scandal Hagelin’s appearance made – at a fringe event arranged by well-known extremists – whereas in the US she is almost mainstream.

Not willing to accept the medical experts on the existence of transgender children, Hagelin has also used her extensive background on the subject of gender (she’s a mother and implies that she has read the Bible) to deny the existence of transgender youth and attack their medical treatment.

Diagnosis: Batshit crazy, even for a person in her position (WND columnist). Her impact is hard to measure, but it can’t be good.

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