Saturday, October 5, 2013

#739: Mike Hallett

Mike Hallett is a hobby-paleontologist and resident of Utah who claims to have discovered several dragon fossils. And by “dragon” he doesn’t mean big, fearsome dinosaur, but real, fire-breathing pre-Cambrian dragons, just like the old Testament suggests. In fact, there are lots of such dragon fossils; pretty much every rock in the hillsides of Utah seems to be a dragon fossil, according to Hallett (you can  see him proudly displaying a dragon skull here). The era of dragons have subsequently been given the apt name “Halletestoneion Era”, and it fits nicely in with the other geologic periods given that it didn’t really happen in the same reality as the others.

Surprisingly, the scientific community does not seem to registered this game-changing discovery yet (though this one at least noticed), even though his discovery ought to completely change the face of science, and Hallett has on occasion attempted to have the Utah State Paleontologist fired for inadequately protecting his rocks. At least Hallett has become used to scientisits pointing out that his rocks are, well, rocks rather than fossils, but these scientists are wrong, he claims, “because they haven't had their track hoes in the ground digging these things up,” which doesn’t quite sound like a reason a scientist would usually recognize (darn elitists and your knowledge, evidence and true beliefs). He has also (hand-written) a book that you can download.

Diagnosis: Harmless, but just like Marshall Hall he could use some support.


  1. I found this one from looking over Ed Brayton's archives. Tea Party activist Annie Hamilton, for claiming that Islam is not a religion and that the First Amendment does not apply to Muslims.

    1. Oops. Posted Hancock before I read the comment. Well, next round.