Tuesday, October 22, 2013

#765: Larry Hill

Old picture of what I think is Hill

Larry Hill is a street preacher and Jesus Freak who rose to some fame in the 1970s. Hill used to convince his converts to move onto an Ohio communal farm to practice survivalism in preparation for the end times. He also became the main character of the rock group “All Saved Freak Band”, formed from members of his cult – who were to a large extent recruited among students and hippies (including some of the Kent 25). The “band” actually achieved a modicum of fame, with releases of psychedelic Jesus prog songs such as “For Christians, Elves and Lovers” (1976), which combined fundamentalist evangelical theology and millennialism with admiration for Tolkien’s fantasy world.

The rather cultish group that fell apart around 1980 due to reports of abuse, and the other band members seem to have a rather strained relationship to Hill at present.

Diagnosis: A rather dangerous cult leader in the 70s, Hill seems to have dropped from the limelight and can hardly be deemed much of a threat to civilization anymore. He is worth a mention, though.


  1. On the other hand, the band is actually pretty good.

  2. And now there is a book all about Rev. Larry Hill.

    FORTNEY ROAD: Life, Death, and Deception in a Christian Cult


  3. I'm reading Fortney Road right now. I knew Glenn and Charlie Allen.