Friday, October 18, 2013

#757: Joan Farr Heffington

Joan Farr Heffington was a gubernatorial candidate in Kansas in 2010, and she managed to pull a rather scary amount of votes, though she was of course without a chance of actually winning (that honor, though, went to Sam Brownback, who is hardly much better).

Heffington’s platform was unapologetically dominionist and explicitly theocratic. For instance, she required that a Biblical and Constitutional reason exist for the passage of any new laws, and she advocated “Allow[ing] teaching of Christianity vs. evolution in schools” – at least she didn’t bother to try to hide her advocacy for teaching Biblical creationism behind any deceptive “Teach the Controversy” language. Nor did she bother to try to display even a modicum of understanding of evolution, but that is less surprising.

Diagnosis: Taliban fundie; has probably crept back into whatever hole she emerged from, but the threat to civilization is definitely maintained by the large number of people who would actually vote for her.

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