Thursday, November 7, 2013

#783: Suzanne Humphries

Suzanne Humphries is a nephrologist turned vocal proponent of pseudoscience, woo, and worse. She has been involved with the International Medical Council on Vaccination, a front group for anti-vaccinationism, and has written several blog posts and done several podcasts and interviews (e.g. for NaturalNews) insinuating that kidney failure is caused by vaccines. The fact that she is a medical doctor does not mean that she know how science or evidence works, however, and – as expected – her evidence is purely anecdotal; in fact, her reasoning is entirely based on “feeling” the vaccines’s role in kidney disease, which just goes to display in full her complete lack of training in, expertise or understanding of any relevant field of immunology. You see, not only are vaccines unnatural, they are “disease matter”, which, I suppose, is a compelling point for anyone who swears by the laws of medieval alchemy.

Humphreys has also asserted her adoption of homeopathy, after extensive studies. She does not even try to link homeopathy to reality, instead adopting fullblown vitalism, claiming that homeopathy works by fixing energy flows in the body. In fact, she claims that homeopathy is a “more advanced system” than evidence-based modern medicine, and that the latter tends to exacerbate the forces that drive chronic illness. Therefore, according to Humphries, people should limit their medical care only to homeopaths, chiropractors, and osteopaths. And of course, modern doctors are deliberately suppressing effective alternative cures because they are all in on a conspiracy funded by Big Pharma. (Yes, that post was published on the pile of quackery website Medical Voices.)

To top it off, she attempts to combine her anti-vax claims and pseudobullshit with religious fluffery to argue that the Bible and Koran are opposed to vaccination. That’s the level she’s pitched at.

Diagnosis: Utterly ridiculous MD turned crankery sith lord. Unfortunately Humphries wields far more influence than is good for society and civilization. A significant threat.


  1. Pseudo means false, so "pseudobullshit" means perhaps hte opposite of what you want it to mean.

  2. I don't know about you but I didn't give anyone permission to change my gene expression with a vaccine. **Note: Aluminum has been demonstrated to impact the CNS at every level, including by CHANGING GENE EXPRESSION.**

    "In spite of a common view that aluminum (Al) salts are inert and therefore harmless as vaccine adjuvants or in immunotherapy, the reality is quite different. In the following article we briefly review the literature on Al neurotoxicity and the use of Al salts as vaccine adjuvants and consider not only direct toxic actions on the nervous system, but also the potential impact for triggering autoimmunity. Autoimmune and inflammatory responses affecting the CNS appear to underlie some forms of neurological disease, including developmental disorders. Al has been demonstrated to impact the CNS at every level, including by changing gene expression. These outcomes should raise concerns about the increasing use of Al salts as vaccine adjuvants and for the application as more general immune stimulants."
    -US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health website-

    Did they tell you that vaccines had epigenetic effects before they vaccinated you? "Epigenetics" - (noun) - "the study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself."

    1. If you are attempting to earn an entry of your own in the Encyclopedia of American Loons, great job! You are well on your way.

    2. Living changes your epigenetics

  3. G... food changes your gene expression as well. It sounds harsh, but it is how your body works. You take in chemicals (food, med, vaccine, etc) to turn on/off certain genes to produce proteins for variable functions.

    I know you don't want people artificially changing the way your body works, but you already do that by eating food people create for you, there is fundamentally zero difference.

  4. Did your mother breastfeed you? Do you eat? Too bad. You're getting aluminum.

  5. Yeah let's inject neurotoxins into babies, what could go wrong

    How about you do it, and I don't

  6. Same mentality of the Trump supporters is seen in the quack medicine believers. If I feel it, or perceive it, it must be true. Never mind scientific studies, I want to believe in these oracle cures. Humphries, Mercola, and their sheep….pathetic.

  7. I,ve done a little bit of research on this "website". Could,nt find a real name or person responsible for the blogs.
    But.....I know a few people mentioned here and not in a good way.The info from the blogs is always one-sided: Therefore I have to conclude, this is a TROLL!!!!

    Put Snopes on you,re "Encyclopedia of American loons" because they belong here !!!!

    1. Really.... The website called is a troll? *Gasp* I never would have guessed!!! Thank you for yet another keen observation.

    2. You know what someone writes is true when they use lots of exclamation points, CAPS LOCK, and denigrate Snopes!!!!!

    3. “Multiple exclamation marks are a sure sign of a diseased mind.”

      Terry Pratchett

  8. Whole lotta woo going on in the comments section.... Anyone go to college besides the admin? Anyone?

    I'll be finishing my novel if you need me.

  9. Anti Vaxxers are people who cannot be wrong.
    Anti Vaxxers assume 100% personal integrity in themselves and others who say the same things as them.
    Anti Vaxxers have uniform beliefs about vaccines and the causes of what they all term as 'Autism', which appears to be brain damage from vaccines. Or brain 'change' into something that is not the superior racial purity they assume. (Which is the authority with which they make their judgements and statements).
    Anti Vaxxers cannot be wrong.
    Anti Vaxxers can make absolute statements like ANY CONTACT WITH ALUMINIUM CHANGES YOUR DNA WHICH AUTOMATICALLY MEANS IT BRAIN DAMAGES YOU. They can do this is absolute authority. (Well of course they can. Duh?)
    Anti Vaxxers assume all Autistic people are brain damaged and always represent them on video online, as permanently having meltdowns and self destructive.
    Anti Vaxxers always argue and attack ANYTHING you write, including punctuation and minor misunderstandings over terms and phrases. This is for your own good to save everyone from vaccines.
    Anti Vaxxers call themselves VACCINE SAFETY CAMPAIGNERS.
    Anti Vaxxers do not say they are trying to stigmatise vaccines.
    Anti Vaxxers cannot say vaccines are 100% safe. Which is more than enough to put parents off using them.
    Anti Vaxxers do not understand what it takes in terms of character and behaviour and group membership, to be cult members. Which is one good property of the best sort of cult member.
    Anti Vaxxers believe there is a conspiracy going on all over the world with the big pharmaceutical corporations and the governments to hide the truth.
    Anti Vaxxers believe that this was written by a secret agent in the pay of the pharmaceutical corporations.
    Anti Vaxxers use a childish, paranoid bogey-man term BIG PHARMA all the time, to make sensible people think they are paranoid conspiracy theorists.
    Anti Vaxxers think the film VAXXED changes lives. It's a science fiction conspiracy theory film which sounds like it all got read off the same script. (I obviously do not own a free copy via my pal getting it from Bit Torrent. Get yours today - its a hoot).
    Anti Vaxxers are intellectual snobs.
    Anti Vaxxers have no idea what the future is going to bring for their beliefs, let alone their cult guru's and leaders.

    1. Anyone who, in this day and age, still believes that Big Pharma and/or the government have our, the peoples', best interests at heart are unfortunately completely deluded. I have watched several Youtube videos of Dr Suzanne Humphries and know that far from being the quack that you try to depict her as, she has a huge amount of integrity and honesty and, furthermore, uses SCIENCE to back up her evidence. The same cannot be said for Big Pharma. In all these things, just follow the money. BP has massive amounts invested in vaccinations. They may or may not work but to be honest, why would you inject your very young toddler with such stuff and suffer the risks. It just doesn't make any sense. The Biggest Loon here is the owner of this blog - a disingenuous, lying and rather backwards person if there ever was one.

    2. X'ara. I agree. She is very intellectual, she was the one that led me to this site as she used this as a reference to her quackery from one of her you tube vids. I'm so glad there are people out there like Dr Humphries and Dr Wakefield that are speaking out for the people. They are selfless, humble individuals worthy of praise.

  10. Suzanne puts her full name and face on her posts. This blogger has no face and initials only. This blogger doesn't even list any credentials he/she has. So, of course we should disregard what MD, physicist Suzanne says because "G.D." says she is a loon. Ha ha ha ha......

  11. I am a Registered Nurse and work in a hospital that now forces me to take the flu vaccine. I have taken it for 2 years now because I don't want to wear the scarlet letter A by wearing a mask while caring for patients. Everyone knows that is due to refusal and in turn you look like a trouble maker. I am not a quack and usually go along to get along. I do not want to make waves but feel like I am trying to find my own way to make an informed decision about taking it every year.....Really every year, I just cannot in good conscience put these chemicals in my body. Do I trust the employee health nurse injecting who knows what into me. Lastly I will say the last 2 years that I took the shot I had horrible numbness and tingling to all of my extremities. I thought it was all in my head and didn't even want to tell anyone about it, and no one know I was kind of against it. I'm scared to do it again this year.