Saturday, November 9, 2013

#786: Cornelius Hunter

Cornelius Hunter is an adjunct professor of biophysics at Biola University (though there isn’t much evidence that he is involved in actual research), Fellow at the Discovery Institute, and signatory to the institute’s A Scientific Dissent from Darwinism. He also runs the website Darwin’s Predictions, where he displays his failure to understand the theory of evolution – and science and its methodology in general – through a series of claims to the effect that the theory has been falsified (a good example of his possibly unintentional dishonesty and breathtaking lack of comprehension is found here; the mistakes he makes here are less easily explained as being unintentional).

Hunter has, for instance, bought hardcore into the “Darwin’s critics are persecutedmyth, and concerning the 2005 Kitzmiller v. Dover case, he attempted to maintain that it “was a disaster for evolution” since “evolutionists paid a […] cost which can’t be measured in dollars. They gave up their soul.” At least that’s what Hunter tries to keep telling himself.

Famous internet troll Larry Fafarman awarded Hunter a “Friend of Jefferson” award in 2010, though the criteria for the award were unclear and Fafarman is most famous for being a relatively rare example of someone who is actually thoroughly fractally wrong.

Diagnosis: Entrenched crackpot with non-negligible though limited influence.


  1. You guys should have the decency of respecting a scholar and his knowledge. This site is preposterous.

  2. Explorerguy,

    "You guys should have the decency of respecting a scholar and his knowledge. This site is preposterous."

    Surely you jest. Guys like this individual do not know the meaning of decency and respect. The concepts are completely foreign to them.

    They like to believe they are all about 'the science' when in fact nothing could be further from the truth. They are nothing more than name calling pseudo intellectuals who think if you insult someone's intelligence frequently enough you will win the argument. In short, they are total losers.