Monday, December 2, 2013

#815: Gary Kah

The delightful Andy Kadir-Buxton is British and hence disqualified, but Gary Kah is not far behind in terms of sheer, undiluted lunacy. Kah is stock fare on the RaptureReady webpage, though even RaptureReady adds certain qualifications: “Many people have yet to embrace the conspiracy views that Kah holds, but, because he is so well-respected, most will not discount them completely.” Yes, there is something strange in that quote. RaptureReady also emphasizes that Kah was (apparently) “an international government representative,” who during his travels “soon began to witness events that appeared to be leading to a one world government,” namely The New World Order. He also “observed that, among the circles that were working toward this goal, there was much occult activity. This stretched to many U.N. Officials, U.S. Government leaders, bankers, and even ‘religious’ figures.” In 1984 he began in earnest to warn everyone around him of the events. Then, apparently, in 1987 he “was invited to join the World Constitution and Parliament Association, which is at the forefront of implementing a world government,” a position he used to collect documentation of the conspiracy while pretending to work for them. Anyone else notice something strange about this Illuminati (or Knights Templar) organization (which doesn’t exist) hiring Kah, who was already a vocal conspiracy theorist, without suspecting that he might double-cross them?

In his book Enroute To Global Occupation (1992) he laid out his documentation, as well as information he got from Eustace Mullins (not a particularly reliable source) proving the imminent rise of this government. The book is on’s list of suggested readings compiled by Brice Taylor (to be covered). In The New World Religion (1999) he detailed how the New World Order would forcibly convert everyone to the occult New Age religion of the leaders, which encompasses, it seems, such new age ideas as Evolution and environmentalism. Being an exceptionally severely affected victim of Dunning-Kruger Kah argues that global warming is part of the conspiracy, in part by citing none other than Lord Monckton, which is sort of analogous to citing Mullah Omar as an expert on mathematical logic.

Diagnosis: Another example of the fun die martyr and persecution complex taken to the extreme. Kah seems to carry some influence, but even with our experience with these kinds of creatures, one wonders if he doesn’t harm the denialist movement more than he helps it.


  1. Ah, US loonies are always so serious. Our own Andy Kadir Buxton likes (and is worth) laugh

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