Tuesday, January 14, 2014

#869: Laura Lee

Laura Lee runs the talkshow Conversation for Exploration, where she and her guests get confused by and present insane theories about “unsolved mysteries” easily explained by science. And yes, she seems to be fascinated by virtually every single, ridiculous branch of pseudoscience, crackpottery and conspiracy theory – in particular, she is fond of faintly racist notions of ancient “wisdom” found in lost and foreign cultures – “[a]s we awake from the Western society's cultural amnesia,” says Lee, we may come to adopt some bullshit about which Lee thinks these ancient cultures knew the secrets, which they surely didn’t. You can find a selection of her musings here.

And of course, no such concept could be complete without woo. And Lee delivers. Here she promotes Sandra Ann Taylor’s Quantum Success: The Astounding Science of Wealth and Happiness, i.e. The Secret all over again. “[Taylor]’s formula for abundant living is actually based in the principles of quantum physics, and you can actually tap in to these powerful forces to make your dreams come true.” No, it is not based on quantum physics, Lee, and no, you cannot tap into quantum physics to make your dream come true. And it is not Lee’s only foray into quantum woo. She has also promoted e.g. our old friend Gregg Braden and his ridiculous quantum holograms, and written some astoundingly silly, ignorant drivel on the issue.

Diagnosis: Truly a nexus of wrong and ignorance, Lee continues to bring crankery and stupid to the world under the pretense of open-minded investigations. Her influence is probably limited, but she is awfully silly.

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  1. She has been off the air for years. Why attack her now?