Wednesday, January 22, 2014

#883: Rena Lindevaldsen

Rena Lindevaldsen is professor at Liberty University’s Law School, and just as qualified for anything as you’d think anyone hired by that institution would be. She also works with the Liberty Counsel, whose name is as Orwellian as that of any wingnut “values” mob. In fact, Lindevaldsen’s self-perceived area of expertise seems to be very broad, and she does at least feel competent to speak out on gay rights issues: homosexuality is unbiblical, says Lindevaldsen, and anyone who disagrees with her on that issue is, literally, controlled by Satan, who obviously wants to prevent us from looking at the truth of Scripture. Since she is a staunch theocrat, she also fails to see a distinction between the religiously motivated view of homosexuality and the legal issues, a distinction that would be rather obvious to anyone but law professors at Liberty University.

She has also written a book, Only One Mommy, dealing with what makes men gay and women lesbian. It is … not based on science or evidence, and it is – once again – ultimately Satan. It is also the aggressive gay rights movement, which seeks to push children into gay relationships for their own Satanic reasons. The framing topic of the book is the Lisa Miller case, where Lindevaldsen was an attorney for the side of evil. She lost the case, and has subsequently claimed that Hurrican Sandy was God’s revenge for the courts ruling against her side (she has also been involved in other prayer movements to stop “homosexual tornadoes” from coming to America). That’s the world Lindevaldsen lives in – the aggressive Satanic gay agenda is everywhere, and God’s attempts to stop it with storms and thunder are futile (and of course, the Satanic connection is the official reason gay people are unsuitable for public office, although one suspects the real reason is that gay people might disagree with Lindevaldsen, and of course no one who disagrees with Lindevaldsen should be allowed to hold public office).

Even the D-students in an intro-level Ethics class would relatively quickly see the weaknesses of Lindevaldsen’s arguments against gay marriage, but I suppose her side of the debate isn’t really concerned with the arguments being rationally compelling.

This video of a discussion between Lindevaldsen, Lou Engle, Matt Barber, Cynthia Dunbar, and Greg Quinlan is both scary and hilarious.

There’s a good Lindevaldsen resource here.

Diagnosis: Lindevaldsen lives in a world where she gets her personal instructions from an angry God who tries (futilely) to support her cause with storms and tornadoes, against the Satanic forces comprised by anyone who disagrees with her. Unfortunately for her, that world is not the real world.

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  1. According to Bill Maher (not a good source, I know, but the best I've got at the moment), the Bush administration employed 150 "graduates" of Liberty University. You may remember Monica Goodling.