Sunday, January 19, 2014

#878: Pepper Lewis

Pepper Lewis is a self-proclaimed channeler who, apparently, channels Gaia and has been the “primary voice for Mother Earth (Gaia) for over 15 years”. No shit. That’s an ability that can be used to generate income. You see, listening to Gaia (or, for cynics, (the voices in) Pepper Lewis(‘s head)) can help align you to your “higher purpose” – you just need to make a phone call and pay $350. In fact, Lewis offers you a course on how to hear your own voices and become a channeler yourself. Her webpage, where you can read more about her impressive abilities, is here.

After the 2011 earthquakes in Japan Lewis came out to console everyone by pointing out that the earthquake wasn’t evidence that Gaia was mad at us. Rather, the earthquakes had something to do with the protests in Egypt (Gaia is “evolving”, which is also the cause of change in societies). She also provided a series of predictions that surely testify to her amazing powers: There will be more earthquakes to come; some maybe stronger, some maybe weaker; and they will happen in both hemispheres – probably (she does qualify her predictions a bit). You can see her explain how the Earth’s rotation changes zodiac signs here.

Diagnosis: Probably has our best interests in mind. Unfortunately that’s not always quite enough.

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