Thursday, February 7, 2013

#410: Charlene Werner

Poor Charlene Werner is an optometrist and homeopath who was brought to instant fame when she tried to explain physics to a (pretty dim) audience of (I suppose) people interested in homeopathy. And indeed, the video of the event constitute the perhaps most stunning display of ignorance and lack of understanding of physics ever recorded. One does get the sense that Werner is dimly aware that she doesn’t quite understand what she is talking about, but – since she clearly belongs to the bottom left quadrant of a Dunning-Kruger graph – she still appears to believe that what she’s saying makes sense. The meatiest parts are presented and discussed here.

And to top it all, we have this.

Diagnosis: Incomparable. Probably pretty harmless (though she is a homeopath).

Of course, Werner isn’t the first homeopath trying to explain physics and in particular the physics behind homeopathy. The results are generally rather peculiar.


  1. While I do not agree with homeopathy, I can say that Charlene Werner has helped me improve my vision. The results are from tests and can't be denied.

  2. My right-eye vision has went from 20-80 to 20-30. I am no longer wearing glasses.

  3. I'm with you Chris. Although, I am a fan of alternative medical options, we saw 8 "traditional" optometrist who said they could not help my daughter who was wearing 4.75(R) and 2.75(L) prescription glasses. 10 years old and on the verge of being legally blind and NOBODY with a traditional background had any advice. We found Dr. Werner as an approved provider with BCBS. After ONE in-office light therapy session, my daughter left with only +1.00 readers and by her 2nd night of therapy, she hasn't put on another pair of glasses. Her evaluations are completed right in front of me and are MANUALLY done without the opportunity to manipulate them, electronically. Her vision is not received by people who want to put a theory in a box. I believe she made her best effort to explain something so "controversial" to closed-minded people by using examples that she felt would be most relateable to their own understanding. Say what you will but those who have actually been her patients have been blessed, who would otherwise be stuck with unnecessarily recommended surgical procedures, prescription medication, or hope because the "doctors" they are seeing are too egotistical to recommend an unconventional approach.