Tuesday, February 26, 2013

#440: John Adolfi

John Adolfi is an ardent evolution opponent who runs the website BibleLandStudios, which is first and foremostly the source of the all-time Intro to Critical Thinking favorite argument from drooling for the existence of God (you won’t find a denser cluster of fallacies this side of Ray Comfort; it is also blatantly self-defeating). Adolfi has been known to purchase all sorts of weird shit in his attempts to discredit evolution, and his webiste is actively asking readers to provide suchstuff: giant footprints (giants roamed the earth in the early days), human artefacts embedded in coal (proving that humans lived before the formation of coal), dinosaur and human fossils in the same layer, and pieces of Noah’s Ark. (In fact, the website displays a certain obsession with the Ark.)

According to Adolfi (citing one Rodney Stark) “THE real driving power behind the theory of evolution is not science but hatred for religion”. Since BibleLandStudios, as the name implies, takes the evidence seriously, Adolfi assures us that “In Bibleland's tradition of presenting the evidence and letting the reader decide for yourself, read away and then ask yourself is it Apes, Aliens or Adam?” It seems that Adolfi, just to make sure he is wrong, thinks it is both of the latter.

He also runs the Lost World Museum in Phoenix, NY, the purpose of which is to “present the greatest evidence ever assembled which validates the creation account found in the book of Genesis. We will explore past archeological finds and perhaps offer an alternative explanation as we present: the Giants of the pre-flood world, the remnants of ancient technology, the existence of Noah's Ark, evidence for a worldwide flood, anomalous fossils and out of place artifacts.” Note the casual inclusion of random pseudoarchaeology in the list. And indeed, Adolfi seems to be into all things pseudo (such as chupacabras) – here, for instance, is Adolfi’s excitement over some rocks in Costa Rica purportedly thrown together thousands of years ago to represent the solar system. In fact, judging from their website  The Lost World Museum seems more interested in cryptozoology than presented any even superficially coherent hypothesis, as long as it disproves evolution. Or something.

You can also buy Christian Science Fiction (i.e. that they designate as science fiction) produced by BibleLandStudios in collaboration with none other than Jim“pygmies+dwarfs” Pinkoski.

Diagnosis: A colorful fellow, completely separated from anything remotely resembling reality. Probably harmless.

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